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If actions speak louder than words, do actions AND words speak the loudest of them all? We think so.

That's why Nation.com always promises both. From scouring the country for top-rated reviews, trusted research, and the best deals to shouting this information from the "rooftops" (okay, just from our website), we let actions and words do the talking.

What do we mean by that? We mean Nation.com puts in the work to find the most specialized and trustworthy sources for the information you need. We then vet and gather information, then share it in a digestible manner. So whether you are coping with chronic illness or choosing which puppy food to purchase, know that we wake up each morning committed to assisting you in your decision-making process.

Welcome to our Nation.

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The articles you’ll find on Nation.com are authoritative and comprehensive. Our topic experts research and write up content to help you make the best decisions for your life, whether about your finances, health, home, work, and more.

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John Civantos

Chief Innovation Officer

Isaiah Shelton

Head of Partnerships

Clare Healy

Creative Director

We want every Nation.com reader to achieve their desired results, so we strive to provide the encouragement and resources needed along the way. And as a company, we want to be seeing results too. That's why each member of our editorial staff brings special knowledge in their respective realms -- from auto to senior living. Beyond that, our seasoned leadership team comes from many years in the digital media space, bred at companies like Google and Yahoo!. And across the board, everyone behind Nation.com is committed to keeping up with the most recent trends and discoveries, so you can count on us to provide excellent, reliable content day in and day out.

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We love hearing from you! Have questions? Please ask them! Concerns? We learn and grow through your feedback. Do you just want to tell us how awesome we are? Naturally, we’ll accept those messages as well

For all inquiries, please email us at contact@nation.com.


Write for us

Do you like what you see on our site and want to contribute? We’d love to have you. We’re always looking for writers with a fresh, authoritative voice who are experts in various fields like finance, tech, health, and more. Our team is currently made up of established writers who have written for many renown publications as well as full-time professionals who also happen to be talented writers on the side. If you’re interested in writing content that helps better the lives of our readers, please email our team at write@nation.com.


Work with us

We weren’t kidding when we said our team is results-driven. And we’re always looking for the best talent to join our team. If you’re as results-driven as we are and you have some expertise or interest in a career in digital media, please email your resume to careers@nation.com.


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We’ve driven success for some of the biggest brands out there and we’re always looking for more partners looking to do the same. Do you want to be the next? We look forward to seeing how we can best help you achieve your advertising objectives. Please email us at sales@nation.com for more information.