5 Questions to Consider Before Purchasing Garden Furniture

When the weather is warm, the sun is shining, and the days are long, there’s nothing better than stepping outside to spend time outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor living space – whether it’s a yard, porch, or small garden – you’re able to spend your days relaxing in the sunshine and taking in the fresh air. However, in order to do this, you’ll need the right furniture.

Garden furniture allows you to take full advantage of your outdoor space. You can extend your home’s decor right outside, setting up an inviting arrangement of chairs, tables, and even lounge furniture. In fact, the right garden furniture can make your outdoor living area enjoyable and functional.

Rebecca Fondren Photo / Shutterstock

Before you begin redecorating your outdoor living space, it’s best to do a bit of planning. Here are five questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you begin purchasing garden furniture.

1. How Will You Use Your Outdoor Space?

You want your garden furniture to be both functional and inviting. So, it’s a smart idea to purchase your new furniture with your favorite activities in mind.

Think about how you’d like to use your space. Do you want to dine and entertain outdoors? If so, you’ll need a dining table and seating. Do you prefer reading or relaxing outside? If that’s the case, you may want lounges or comfortable seating. Or will you use your space for multiple purposes, like eating, entertaining, and relaxing? You may need a mix of furniture that can accommodate anything and be moved around easily.

Garden furniture is available in so many different styles, and there’s truly an option for every kind of activity. You should have a clear plan for how you’d like to put your outdoor space to use before you purchase any garden furniture.1

2. What Kind of Weather is Common in Your Area?

Your climate should help you settle on the specific garden furniture you need. While each year brings wet, rainy seasons and bright, sunny seasons, the weather where you live may lead you to need a certain type of garden furniture.

Consider what kind of weather is most common in your area. Is the climate more wet or dry? How many days of sun do you experience? Does your outdoor space get a lot of rain or perhaps a lot of sun? Is it often windy in your area? These questions will help you decide which furniture materials and accessories may be best suited for your outdoor area.

For example, if you live in a seaside town, you’ll want to consider both humidity and the dampness of the air. Garden furniture that won’t rust or develop mildew is the best choice. If your climate is sunnier and warmer, you’ll want garden furniture that can stand up against sunlight without fading.2

3. How Much Space Do You Have?

Before buying any kind of furniture, it’s best to measure your available space. There’s nothing worse than purchasing an expensive piece of furniture, then discovering you don’t have any room for it.

Take the time to measure your available outdoor space. Do you have room for lounge pieces like an outdoor sofa? Is there enough space for a dining table and six to eight chairs? Or do you need smaller-sized, multi-purpose furniture? You may also want to measure and note any available storage space, in case you’d like to purchase garden furniture that can stack or be put away for the cold months.

4. What Materials Do You Want Your Garden Furniture to Be Made Of?

When you begin shopping for garden furniture, you’ll quickly discover that there are many different styles of furniture. All made from many different materials.

Material is one of the first considerations you’ll want to make. The material needs to be able to withstand your town’s weather and climate. However, it should also suit your personal style and your budget.

Commonly, garden furniture is available in the following materials:

5. What’s My Budget for Garden Furniture?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your budget as you shop. Garden furniture is available at many different price points. However, knowing the answers to the questions above will help you get a good idea of the price of the furniture you’ll need.

Once you’ve set a budget, you can shop at any retailer. But don’t be afraid to shop beyond your budget – you just need a good sale and discounted prices. Many retailers will offer discounts, sales, and specials on garden furniture throughout the year. You can shop during the offseason to find low prices. You can also shop at both local stores and online to see what’s available at your price point.

The key to finding the perfect garden furniture at the perfect price for your budget, you’ll want to shop around. Ask yourself these questions to get the process started. Then search online for different options that suit your taste, style, and outdoor needs.