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The 5 Best Franchise Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to start your own business? The process isn’t easy – but if you choose to invest in and open your very own franchise, it could be a lot easier. A franchise allows you to open your own business and get it up and running. But you won’t be doing it alone. With…

3 Reasons to Refinance Your Auto Loan

Are your auto loan payments too expensive? You’re not the only one struggling to pay your monthly bills. According to the Washington Post¹, a record-breaking 7 million Americans are behind on auto loan payments by 90 days or more. But there’s a way to make your auto loan more manageable. Refinancing your auto loan can…

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4 Smart Financial Moves Seniors Can Make During Retirement

Retirement is supposed to be the golden years of your life and seniors are increasingly worried whether their savings can last. If you’re looking…

8 Simple Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summer has a sneaky way of making us slow down and savor a more relaxed pace. For a lot of people, autumn can roll…

There Are Billions of Dollars in Unclaimed Cash in the U.S. – Is Some of It Yours?

Right now in the U.S., there’s more than $58 billion dollars sitting around, waiting for citizens like you to collect it¹. That’s enough money…

The Best Savings Accounts to Help You Save for Retirement

If you want to have a prosperous retirement, you will need to start saving money while there is still time to earn compound interest….

Tired of Payday Loans? Check Out These Alternatives

Payday loans seem like a great idea if you’re short on funds. But payday loans can be an expensive type of short-term loan to…

Term Life Insurance Could Be Getting Cheaper for Many Americans

Have you looked into life insurance? It’s likely you haven’t. Most Americans know they should get life insurance, yet do nothing about it. According…

Financial Assistance Options for Remodeling Your Home

If your home needs repair and your income is limited, the idea of remodeling it might seem impossible. Home renovations can be cost-prohibitive, placing…

Why Medicare is Important for Seniors with Diabetes

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you may need to regularly test your blood sugar and inject yourself with insulin if your body is unable to produce this critical hormone.1 For some seniors who are on a fixed income, the additional costs that stem from a diabetes diagnosis may be too much for their budget to bear. That’s where Medicare comes in. If you have diabetes, it pays to be aware of all the different ways that Medicare can help you. Here are some of the reasons why Medicare is so critical to seniors with diabetes.

Top Checking Accounts for Senior Needs

As more and more people retire, it seems like many banks are still treating seniors and retirees as a niche market, even though they represent 70 percent of bank balance holders in the United States. If you’re 55 years of age or older, it definitely pays to explore your options for checking accounts targeted towards seniors and compare them with any existing bank accounts you own. Some of the best options are listed below.

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