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6 Surprising Ways Spring Cleaning Will Improve Your Life

The weather is getting warmer and the season’s about to change – and that means it’s time once again for spring cleaning. Whether you’re a neat freak or a bit of a messy person, spring cleaning is a beneficial practice. Spring cleaning is well worth the effort. It gets your living space spruced up for…

How to Improve Your Life With Mindful Listening

Do you find yourself zoning out during conversations and totally blanking on everything you just heard? You aren’t alone – plenty of people don’t listen very carefully. When we’re listening to others, it’s easy to tune out and focus on ourselves, distractions, and other issues. But this kind of listening can be detrimental, and it…

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The Top 4 Ways People Find Great Lawyers

The American Bar Associations recommends asking one question above all others: what certifications do you hold for your specialization?

Real Psychics Do Exist: Learn How to Find One in Your Area

Worried a psychic only offers bad news? According to WordsMatter.org, psychics adhere to a code of ethics and rarely get into the specifics of bad news or energy with clients.

Sexual Harassment: When’s the Right Time to Talk to a Lawyer?

According to The Guardian, 80% of sexual harassment victims who reported their abusers saw no change, making a lawyer a crucial ally in stopping the abuse.

How to Set Up a Free Website

Lifehack.org reports that even if a business already has a website, you might want to update it: on average, websites become outdated and out of style in 2 years.

How to Be Successful at Online Dating

Don’t fall into the most common online dating bad habit: lying. eHarmony reports that 53% of people lie about their age, weight, or job in their profile.

6 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

6 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

According to The Huffington Post, you need a divorce attorney if your spouse has one — otherwise, you’ll be fighting an unfair battle.

Why People Are Getting Free Marketing Consultations

Owning a small business means you’re in charge of a lot. You’re in charge of daily operations, decisions big and small, and getting your…

Seniors: Prevent Serious Injuries with Affordable Walk-In Tubs

Your bathroom likely isn’t a place you worry about. It’s simply there for you to use, posing no threat and no danger. Yet you…

Here’s Why Recruiting Jobs Are Among The Hottest New Career Choices

Recruiting is one of today’s fastest growing careers – but most people aren’t even aware that it exists. A crucial piece of any business’s…

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