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6 Smart Features for the Ultimate Automated Security System

Automated home security is more impressive than ever. Monitoring for trespassers is the least of their capabilities. With some gadgets, you can control every component in your system using smart devices or even your voice. If you can’t unlock the door for the housekeeper while you’re out getting a haircut, you’re way behind. 1. Smart…

The Best Automated Marketing for an Effective Business

Business owners and leaders are constantly trying to simplify their lives by being more efficient with their time. From simplifying tasks to managing big business campaigns, there’s a lot to manage, and it can be challenging. Fortunately, technology is creating tools to make many business tasks and goals easier – and CRM software is a…

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This Technology Is Evolving Home Security

A burglary can happen at any second, all with the quick smash of a single window. 3.7 million burglaries happen every year in the…


The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Back Up Your Phone

It’s incredible how quickly new technologies become absolutely indispensable in our lives. 20 years ago, hardly anyone had a cell phone, let alone a…


The Best High-Tech Products Unveiled at CES 2018

For 50 years, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has set the global stage for breakthrough technologies. Every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, innovators in…

Verizon Customers: Here Are Your Best Holiday Deals

In 2015, more than 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. The increase in this number means deals on certain models are becoming more fruitful as well.

The Biggest Cyber Monday Deals on Smartphones

Don’t forget to check your inbox for great Cyber Monday deals: 25% of retailers offer special email only deals.

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