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Is Antivirus Software Really Worth Its Cost?

Ever since computers became an important piece of technology in every home and workplace, viruses have also become common. Computer viruses, which are also known as malware, can infect your computer when you open an email or click on an internet ad. And once you get a virus, it can cause serious problems. Today, there…

8 Gadgets For Fitness Junkies

Today, fitness is more fun than ever before – and it’s all thanks to exciting new fitness gadgets. From fitness trackers to smart workout equipment, fitness gadgets can help you get your exercise routine on track. They can also help you workout harder and more efficiently, monitor your progress, and level up your health, strength,…

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How to Save on the Best Web Hosts

Looking to host a blog, business site, or anything in between? In this day and age, doing so is easier than ever before. But,…

Here’s How People in the U.K. Are Saving on Their Cable & Internet Bills

You may not have realized it, but your cable bill has gotten too expensive. A 2017 survey by the consumer group Which? revealed 53…

Here’s How Americans are Saving on Their Cable and Internet Bills

Are you paying too much for cable and internet? Most likely. If you’re paying over $90 per month, there’s one thing you need to…

Where to Find the Best Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Right now, there’s a single smartphone shaking up the market: the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9. The upgrade smartphone fans waited a year for, the…

Top 5 VoIP Providers

Voice over internet protocol, which is known as VoIP, is a technology that has transformed telephonic services in the U.S. and around the world….

Yes, a No-Contract Cell Phone Plan Could Actually Save You Money

No-contract cell phones have long had a bad reputation.  They were difficult to use, requiring you to reload every month with minutes. Yet today,…

The Top 3 Smartphones of 2017 Are Here to Stay

A staggering 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in 2015 and sales in 2017 have already surpassed that number.

The Coolest Upgrades Coming to the Samsung Galaxy S9

Looking for the fingerprint sensor on the S9? Samsung’s hidden on the back of the newest Galaxy for greater security.

Are You Sharing Cable? You’re About to Get Cut Off

Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications, said that his cable company found one unidentified customer had 30,000 simultaneous streams from a single account, according to Forbes.


Are Your Smart Devices Tracking You? Here’s How to Stop It

USA Today reported in 2017 that the CIA was found to be watching citizens through the cameras of smart TVs — and these government spies can even access and use your device microphones.

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