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9 Amazing Places to Retire on a Fixed Income

When you decide to retire, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding where to make your home. For some people, retirement is their only opportunity to enjoy their home town after years of long hours on the job. For others, their desire to explore new areas and try out new living situations…

13 of Our Best Hotel Hacks

The best hotel experiences can be transcendent. You get to sleep in a huge, comfortable bed, eat whatever food you want, and enjoy amenities like an in-building fitness center, pool, and complimentary breakfast. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay ever-increasing fees to access these luxe properties. Many people now are moving to…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your Timeshare Exit

A timeshare sounds fantastic at first. With free food and drinks, a quick presentation, and a down payment, you own a vacation home that…

7 Situations That Make People Love Travel Insurance

As much as you love to travel, you can’t forget that you’re totally out of control while away from home. You can plan your…

The Warmest Places to Travel This Winter

People don’t like to travel when temperatures drop — the Bureau of Transportation reports that travel declines by 50% every winter. This means hotels and airlines are eager to entice you to travel!

The 4 Cheapest Luxury Cruise Lines

On a luxury cruise, you don’t have to worry about racking up a big bill while onboard. Most amenities are included, from beverages to excursions to gratuities.

The 5 Best Apps for Last-Minute Travel Deals

SmarterTravel suggests avoiding hotel and airline websites altogether when booking at the last minute — the only perks available will be for top-tier rewards program members, and they won’t give away anything other than a free upgrade.

Here’s How People Are Getting Upgraded to Business Class for Cheap

Most upgrades are given out in the last 2 days before a flight’s departure–and travelers with 100 flights or more every year are first in line.

5 Tips to Save the Most on a Vacation to Hawaii

Flights to Hawaii are likely to drop in price this year due to more airlines getting approval for flights there.

Book These Little-Known Airfares and Save Hundreds

“Bare fare” is only one name for these hidden low-cost flights. You should also be on the lookout for basic economy or unbundled fares.

Cómo Ahorrar Grandes en un Crucero de 2017

A principios de la década, las líneas de cruceros tuvieron un éxito. La economía inestable, precios de combustible que se elevaban rápidamente, y algunos…

3 Secret Ways to Get a Cruise Cabin Upgrade

3 Secret Ways to Get a Cruise Cabin Upgrade

According to CruiseCritic, upgrades are always given out at the last minute–you’ll find out if you’re getting upgraded approximately 2 weeks before your departure date, and you could even find out the day you arrive to board the ship.

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