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How to Save on Kitchen Renovations

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By natadm

Kitchen renovations are on the to-do list of many homeowners. But, taking on an entire remodel isn’t easy. Even renovating pieces of your kitchen can take weeks or months of work. Moreover, the entire project can be incredibly costly. However, if you do your research before diving into the hard work of kitchen renovations, you can find ways to save money.

In an average kitchen renovation, certain changes are much more expensive than others. For example, replacing your kitchen cabinets typically eats away at 30 percent of your budget, while new appliances take up 20 percent. Flooring, however, usually makes up just five percent of your costs.1 If you take these numbers into consideration, you can find ways to skimp and save without sacrificing quality and style.

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To help, here are a few ways you can save money while renovating your kitchen.

Skip the Fancy Backsplash

A backsplash is a very popular choice in the kitchen. Many homeowners place backsplash from the top of the counters to the bottom of the cabinets. A backsplash certainly has benefits: it’s stylish, customizable, and can protect your walls from water, food, and other kitchen messes. However, a backsplash isn’t actually a necessity in the kitchen.

So, instead of installing shiny new backsplash made with pricey tiles or stone materials, skip it altogether. Leave your kitchen walls bare and paint them with hard-wearing, moisture-resistant paint. They’ll be just fine at withstanding wear and tear. Even better, paint is much cheaper than a backsplash.2

Choose Less Expensive Materials

The materials you choose to customise your kitchen with are important. These materials, like the type of wood you pick for your cabinets or the type of stone you choose for your countertops, can add style and new life to the kitchen. However, every material comes at a different price. And when you’re on a budget, it’s important to consider cheaper alternatives to the materials you want.

For example, purchasing granite countertops will cost approximately £665. However, if you choose laminate countertops instead, your cost will be about £255. That’s a savings of over £400 – and you simply swapped one material for another.3 Additionally, you could save significantly by choosing laminate or wood flooring instead of granite or marble. Plus, there are savings to be had if you choose less expensive woods for your kitchen cabinets.

You don’t have to sacrifice when you opt for cheaper materials. Many kitchen materials, such as laminate, have come a long way in quality over the years. Also, you can choose to mix and match luxurious materials with cheaper materials, adding your more expensive favourites in areas that are smaller or more cost-conscious.

Opt for Track Lighting

Kitchen lighting isn’t on the top of most homeowners’ minds. However, when you’re renovating, it can be difficult to decide which lights are the best choices stylistically and which are effective at a cheaper price point.

Don’t go crazy with your kitchen’s lighting and fixtures. Instead of fancy pendant lights or specialty fixtures, choose track lighting. Track lighting is easy to install, clean and modern in style, and very affordable.

You can add one long track with adjustable spots in the center of your kitchen, which gives you flexibility. Or, you can set up smaller tracks throughout the kitchen wherever you need light.

Replace Cabinet Doors Only

Cabinets are one of the biggest expenses in the entire kitchen. A new set of cabinets costs between £3,250 to £5,250 on average, depending on the kind of cabinets you choose. Instead of paying thousands of pounds, consider replacing only part of your cabinets.

You can replace the fronts or doors of your cabinets instead of the entire cabinets. Doing this offers the same refreshed style and new look of brand-new cabinets. Even better, it’s often far more budget-friendly.

There are two ways to refresh your cabinets:

  1. You can add on wooden fronts, or:
  2. Switch out your current cabinet drawers.

If you’d like to add on custom wooden fronts, you can have them made online or get custom fronts from a joiner.

Want to simply switch out the doors? You’ll just need to head to a local hardware store and purchase doors that match your cabinets’ dimensions. You can easily paint them the colour of your choice, attach them with new hinges, and enjoy completely refreshed cabinets.

The whole project of replacing cabinet doors can cost as little as £20.4

Shop Around for the Best Deals

Lastly, no matter what kinds of renovations you’re making to your kitchen, it’s important to shop around. That’s the best way to find savings, affordable products, and quality materials on a budget.

If you take the time to look at different stores, both in-person and online, for various materials, you can find savings. You’ll need to look for deals, discounts, and similar products and compare them. Then, you can find alternatives or ask about special pricing or sale events to score savings.

From the fixtures and faucets to the countertops and flooring, shop around for every piece of your new kitchen. It’s the best way to find the materials you need at a budget-friendly price.