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The Top VoIP Providers for Businesses and Home Offices

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By natadm

Your business or home office relies on a phone system to reach customers, answer questions, and manage operations each and every day. But as increasingly more businesses rely on technology to tackle their most important tasks, more and more businesses are going entirely online. That’s why Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming the preferred phone service choice for businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

Today, VoIP delivers cloud-based phone systems for both small and large businesses. In fact, it’s transformed the way businesses are managing their telecoms. You can get a cloud-based VoIP solution for your office purchased and set up in just minutes.

There are plenty of benefits to using VoIP. It’s easy, budget-friendly, and reliable. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a VoIP phone provider, check out these top options.


Vonage is one of the leaders in VoIP. In fact, it offers more than two million global customers cloud-based communications. Vonage delivers complete flexibility, no extra fees or charges, and solutions that are able to be scaled up or down as needed.

Vonage is perhaps the most comprehensive VoIP provider you’ll find in the UK.

Business-Friendly Features


Using innovative technology that integrates phones and computers, 4Com delivers everything a business needs in a simplified, streamlined software. Even better, 4Com allows business owners to take advantage of software features and benefits at no additional cost. This means you can save money on phone calls and still get all the accessibility features you need.

Business-Friendly Features

Berry Telecom

Considered the “People’s Choice” of the UK, Berry is one of the top providers you’ll come across. Offering personalised service, 24/7 support, and excellent customer service, Berry delivers both quality VoIP service and so much more.

Berry provides both VoIP and on-premise phone systems, as well as dynamic solutions that integrate the two. You can build a completely customised phone system for your business. Moreover, you’ll have help every step of the way.

Business-Friendly Features

Lily Comms

A newcomer in the VoIP space, Lily Comms is rapidly gaining popularity among UK telecom companies. In fact, Lily Comms provides high-speed cloud-based services to more than 2,500 businesses.

With a wide range of services available to businesses of all sizes and affordable pricing, Lily Comms can help both startups to longstanding businesses in need of an easier, more intuitive phone system.

Business-Friendly Features


Whether you’re a small business, a company with remote workers, or a large business still scaling, RingCentral can deliver a quality telephone system over VoIP. In fact, RingCentral provides a streamlined and efficient service, featuring no extra equipment, a hassle-free setup process, and an easy-to-use interface.

Business-Friendly Features


BT is a household name in the UK thanks to its long reputation as a quality telecommunications company. Now, BT provides VoIP services and systems for individuals, small businesses, and large business operations.

With three different packages – BT Cloud Phone, BT Cloud Voice, and BT One Phone Office – you can customise your office’s VoIP setup based on what you need most. From plug-and-play options to call centre software, BT offers it all.

Business-Friendly Features


If you’re seeking a custom solution to your business phone needs, consider Teliqo. This VoIP provider offers cloud-based telephone solutions. Moreover, each one is highly customisable. You can adapt and adjust a system that suits your line of business, whether it’s technical support, customer service, or simply communicating throughout the office.

With personalised service and a high level of customer satisfaction, the Teliqo VoIP service can do it all.

Business-Friendly Features

Start Your Search for a VoIP Business Solution Today

If you’re looking for an affordable phone solution for your business, you need to consider VoIP. A VoIP phone system could make your office more technologically advanced, more capable, and more adaptable to today’s world. Additionally, you’ll have the flexibility of unique services and scalability as you need it.

To find a VoIP provider who meets your needs and your budget, you’ll need to search online. Search for VoIP providers who can offer the services and features you need the most, along with options suited to your business size. Compare pricing and costs, and see which provider offers the most value at an affordable price. Then, you’ll be ready to choose a VoIP provider that’ll keep your company working efficiently.