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Top 13 High Paying Positions for Remote Workers in the United Kingdom

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By Imogen Sharma

In light of digital transformation, more remote jobs are available for workers in the United Kingdom than at any previous time. Have you ever dreamed of waving goodbye to morning traffic jams, office politics and choosing what to wear every morning? If so, working from home may be perfect for you.

A wide range of opportunities is available, depending on your skill set, but the most lucrative roles are in the tech sector. As corporations, small companies and budding entrepreneurs realise the extraordinary potential for generating revenue via apps and websites, the demand for tech-savvy professionals is burgeoning. But don’t worry — if you’re not that into computers, you still have plenty of options.

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Continue reading to discover the top 13 highest paying remote positions for U.K. workers.

1. Web Developer

Average base salary: £34,6351

Web development is a growing industry that doesn’t show signs of slowing any time soon. Provided you’re proficient in an array of languages, networks and frameworks, you can attract plenty of clients as a freelancer or find a steady job with an employer.

Before seeking work, create a portfolio online with a biography, a summary of your skills, examples of projects you’ve worked on and your contact details. Including social media profiles and links to GitHub are an additional way to showcase your skills to prospective clients.

2. Software Engineer

Average base salary: £45,0952

Software engineering is a lucrative job, whether you work from home or in an office. You need to learn advanced languages, such as Java, C++ and Python, allowing you to test, design and build programs for networks, operating systems and hardware.

One of the best things about programming is the options available to get qualified. There are boot camps as well as college and university courses, but you can also teach yourself. As long as you can demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, you can find plenty of work.

3. Data Analyst

Average base salary: £32,7303

If you have excellent mathematical skills, a curious mind and a passion for analysis, data analytics is the perfect role. Identifying elements in a businesses’ processes for increasing automation, productivity and efficiency are areas you can expect to analyse.

Employers may also want you to track KPIs, maintain data quality and design, and carry out and analyse surveys. If you’re already experienced in the field, it’s likely to be relatively easy to find a remote role. It may be more difficult to work from home at entry level.

4. UX or UI Designer

Average base salary: £45,3504

UX/UI designers ensure physical and digital products meet the needs of users. While UX focuses on ensuring products meet customers’ every need, UI is predominantly aesthetics-led. Being a generalist who can switch between the two is the best option for a high salary, particularly if you’re looking to work on a freelance basis.

Demand is strong for UX/UI designers, so provided you have a comprehensive portfolio that showcases your skills, finding work is easy. You can find employment independently or via a recruitment agency.

5. App Developer

Average base salary: £39,1815

App developers have exciting futures ahead as more companies and individuals seek out their services. Focusing specifically on applications as opposed to the broader fields of web development or software engineering means that, as an app developer, you work within a niche. The growing prevalence of apps within people’s lives means you can command a high salary.

The most effective way to find remote roles as an application developer is to create awesome apps. Employers tend to be more interested in seeing physical examples of your work than hearing about qualifications, so be sure to create a strong portfolio.

6. Accountant

Average base salary: £35,1136

Most of the work accountants do, if not all, is carried out on a computer. With electronic records being pretty much universal, it’s simple to turn this traditional office job into a remote role. Many accountants prefer to work in complete peace due to the level of attention to detail required, so the ability to work from home is often welcomed.

Qualifications are usually required in this field, and it’s relatively easy for accountants who are at an intermediate or advanced position in their careers to find remote positions.  Newbies may find it more challenging to secure remote gigs.

7. Freelance Translator

Average base salary: £17,9647

The main requirement to become a freelance translator is being able to speak one or more languages. Naturally, the more languages you speak, the greater the number of remote opportunities you’re likely to come across.

Remote translation involves transcribing the written word from one language to another. You must be able to do more than simply swap one word out for another, with context, meaning and expression playing equally vital roles. Many roles are industry-specific, so having experience in the field you’re applying for makes it easier to land freelance translation positions.

8. Content Writer

Average base salary: £24,9878

If you have a love for the written word, a knack for research and the ability to write quickly, you can make a great living as a content writer. These days, writers must be able to meet the needs of search engines in addition to having the ability to create compelling, engaging copy.

Lots of platforms are available on the internet for freelance copywriters, but you also have the option of working for a company. Build a portfolio showcasing your talent, and it becomes increasingly easy to find work.

9. Digital Marketer

Average base salary: £26,1809

Digital marketing is another rapidly growing field, as every business in the world seeks to expand its reach via the internet. You must master skills such as branding, copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, PPC campaigns and email marketing.

You can demonstrate your skills using your own website and show prospective employers the work you’ve done for others. The effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign is easy to measure and demonstrate. Provided you can show data to prove your acumen and have excellent communication skills, you can find lots of work in this field.

10. Social Media Manager

Average base salary: £32,14710

Social media managers are in high demand. With most companies juggling at least three social media profiles, it’s almost impossible to have an exceptional online presence while running a business. But the power of social media is enough to exponentially grow a company’s audience, so a social media manager can be critical to an organization’s success.

In this role, you must have a strong understanding of brand marketing and the ability to adopt a brand voice with ease. You can make the most money in this occupation as a freelancer, working for multiple clients.

11. Tutor

Average base salary: £37,59511

Being a tutor is a great way to make a lot of money, and you don’t necessarily need to have any specific qualifications to do it. Tutors often charge by the hour and can command impressively high rates. Plus, with the rise of video conferencing platforms, you don’t even need to make the commute anymore.

You can tutor children in academic subjects or focus on instruments, coding or any other special skill you possess. Benefits include establishing your own schedule and having the flexibility to set your own curriculum.

12. Secretary

Average base salary: £20,99312

Becoming a remote secretary, also known as a virtual assistant, is a role that lets you earn a good wage without requiring specific qualifications. However, most employers are likely to expect you to have some previous experience in an administrative or office assistant role.

Making travel appointments, scheduling appointments, managing emails and making calls are the main duties involved in this job. A simple Google search opens up a multitude of opportunities as a virtual secretary.

13. Data Entry

Average base salary: £25,01413

Remote data entry provides a decent wage for anyone who has strong research and typing skills as well as finely tuned attention to detail. Most roles don’t require qualifications, although an employer may ask you to complete a typing test or a trial piece of work to demonstrate your aptitude for the job.

Higher earning roles may necessitate experience in medical coding, IT systems or computer science. You can get a remote data entry role as a contractor or as a permanent employee.

Imogen Sharma