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The Top 15 Broadband Packages for UK Consumers

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By Lesley Harrison

If you’ve been with your current TV and broadband supplier for a long time, you may be paying more than you need to for your package. There are many great deals available for new customers, including cashback offers, discounts and upgrades that can make switching a potentially lucrative option, especially given the recent increases in other household bills. Read on for a list of 15 of the best deals for broadband providers, including several affordable broadband and TV packages available to UK residents. Unfortunately, not all of these deals will be nationwide, so check the suppliers’ websites to confirm availability in your postcode area.

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1. BT

BT offers 163 channels as a part of its high-speed broadband and TV package. Many users can expect speeds of 67Mb/s or better. Customers can also benefit from an introductory price of £33.99 for the first quarter, which rises to £48.99 per month for the rest of the two-year contract. This is more expensive than some other providers — however, BT has the advantage of being one of the most widely available suppliers, even in rural areas.¹

2. Virgin Media

Those fortunate enough to live in an area that has Virgin Cable can take advantage of packages with broadband speeds of up to 362Mb/s, along with a variety of TV packages. The top package offers 190 TV channels and blisteringly fast broadband for a price of just £49 per month, on an 18-month contract. Slower broadband packages for those who are light users and those with fewer channels or Freeview-only offerings are available from just £25 per month.²

3. Talk Talk

Talk Talk’s broadband and TV package offers 65Mb broadband and 88 TV channels for £25.50 per month. There’s no set-up fee, and customers have the option of signing up for a direct debit or paying via a credit or debit card. Plus, this particular package has an 18-month contract, making it one of the more generous options and ideal for students. As a fiber package, it should be available in most parts of the country.³

4. Sky

Sky’s superfast broadband offer advertises an average speed of 59Mb/s, and it gives users access to 143 TV channels for £39 per month, with a contract period of just 18 months. There are no set-up fees and no hidden costs. The actual speeds users receive will depend on the distance they are from their local exchange and the quality of lines in their area, but a significant portion of the country’s exchanges have been upgraded to offer high speed connections.⁴

5. PlusNet

PlusNet offers a variety of fiber broadband packages, which start at £19.99 per month for the 10Mb/ps package. Users who have Sky TV can also add BT Sport to their package for an additional £15.69. This may work out to be more expensive in total than some of the other packages on this list, but the attractive speeds and 18-month contract period can be appealing to some users, especially those outside of Virgin Media’s cable area.⁵

6. Vodafone

Best-known for their mobile offerings, Vodafone also offers home broadband and TV. Prices for their Broadband-only packages start at £18 per month, going up to £38 per month for the top speeds. They’re not currently accepting new sign-ups for their TV packages, but it’s worth looking for the offer to reopen because it includes an impressive list of premium channels. What’s more, new joiners are provided with a reliable Wi-Fi hub and an easy-to-use app for managing their connection.⁶

7. EE

The EE package offers average speeds of 36Mb/s and comes with Apple TV. This could make it an appealing package for those who already use Apple TV and want to consolidate their bills. It costs just £38 per month, and it has a 24-month contract period. Users who already have mobile service with EE may be able to get a discount on their bills by combining the packages, saving even more money in the long term.⁷

8. Now Broadband

Now Broadband is a relatively small internet provider compared to some on this list. The company offers average speeds of 36Mb/s and free Sky Sports as part of its Broadband and TV package. The package comes with only 12 TV channels for a price of £45 per month. However, it’s included in this list because it has a very short minimum contract period, requiring customers to commit to conveniently shorter contracts that are just one year long.⁸

9. Pop Telecom

Pop Telecom’s High-Speed Broadband and TV Package starts at £39.99 for unlimited broadband plus TV, including 30 premium channels and one year of Amazon Prime membership. For those who would use the Amazon benefit, this may be a particularly appealing deal. The package has a total of 140 channels, including a huge library of on-demand TV channels. Pop Telecom isn’t available in all postcodes, but it does aim to cater to rural customers.⁹

10. OneStream

OneStream’s fiber packages start at just £19.95 per month for their Fiber 55 service. This works out at less than 71p per day for fiber broadband. This is a bare-bones service that does not include TV. However, we’ve included it in this list because the price is all-in, and customers don’t have to worry about line rentals or paying for a router, installation or set-up fees. The transparent pricing and unmetered service make this a popular choice with people who don’t need the added extras of some rival service providers.¹⁰

11. John Lewis Broadband

High-street retailer John Lewis offers broadband services in some parts of the country. Their package is pretty simple compared to some rivals, and it doesn’t include TV channels. However, with prices starting at just £19 a month and the reassurance of good customer service that comes with the John Lewis brand, it’s easy to understand why families who want broadband that “just works” might opt for the company’s offering anyway. John Lewis Broadband is offering £50 cashback in the form of a John Lewis gift card for new registrants, which may be an appealing offer for those who shop the brand.¹¹

12. Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy Broadband has taken over the provision of packages for Post Office Broadband customers. This internet company offers ultrafast fibre broadband packages, from £41.99 per month for the first 18 months. Prices do increase after this, but they are still relatively competitive considering the blisteringly fast speeds they’re able to offer. Many customers enjoy speeds of 140Mb/s, although actual speeds will depend on where the customer lives and the contention ratio in that area.¹²

13. K Com

Better known for their business offerings, K Com recently ventured into the in-demand business of home broadband. Their internet coverage areas are relatively limited compared to other companies’ coverage areas, but their Fiber to The Home service ensures customers can expect incredibly fast speeds. With prices from £54.99 for 400Mb/s, however, this service is ideal for those who already use a dedicated streaming service but who just need high-speed internet to cover their connections.¹³

14. Cuckoo

The main selling point of Cuckoo is that they selflessly donate 1% of their income to charity. Additionally, this broadband service provider has a reputation for good customer service and reliability. Their 80Mb/s service costs just £29.99 per month, and they offer a one-year price guarantee so customers don’t need to worry about unexpected increases in their bills. Given the current economic situation, this price stability is something driving many consumers to consider their service.¹⁴

15. Zen

Zen is a specialist broadband provider catering to people who want superfast broadband intended for high-bandwidth usage such as streaming. It offers basic ADSL packages and FTTP broadband, depending on what’s available in the local area. Because of the way broadband provision is regulated in some parts of the country, prices vary depending on your postcode and the status of the local exchanges. Zen also offers domain names and mobile service, as separate packages.¹⁵

Lesley Harrison