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The Top 15 Dental Insurance Providers Offering 100% Free Dental Care

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By Kimberly Dixon

Annual checkups are covered by the NHS (National Health Service) but dental procedures, including fillings, are to be paid for by the patient unless they have insurance coverage. While cover levels vary depending on the plan and the provider, there are health insurance plans throughout the UK that cover up to 100% of dental care for an affordable premium. In some cases, these plans are dental-only insurance while in others, they’re part of a comprehensive healthcare insurance plan that covers other costs, too, such as prescription drugs, massage and hospital stays.

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Here, we’re discussing the top dental plans in the UK that provide 100% free dental care.

Simplyhealth Level 1 Dental Plan

The Simplyhealth Level 1 Dental Plan provides basic cover and is ideal for those who don’t anticipate requiring extensive procedures. It includes up to £280 in coverage per year for the following:

In addition to the coverages mentioned above, members of this plan can also submit claims for emergency visits, dental accidents, mouth cancer diagnoses and NHS hospital stays.

The Simply Health Level 1 Dental Plan is available for £9.55 per month.¹

Simplyhealth Level 2 Dental Plan

Those who need a bit more cover in their dental insurance plan can access 100% coverage for checkups, x-rays, dental accidents and emergency care with higher coverage limits by enroling in the Simplyhealth Level 2 dental plan.
For just £15.92 monthly, this plan includes:

Additionally, enrollees can submit claims for emergency care, dental accidents, hospital stays and mouth cancer.

Boots Private Dental 1

Starting at just £16.77 per month, Boots Private Dental 1 includes cover for a broad array of private and NHS treatments.² The Private Dental 1 plan includes:

The benefits listed above are payable annually. Claims can be made for up to 100% of the treatment cost, provided the claim is within the plan’s coverage limitations.

Dencover Gold

Dencover Gold provides its plan members with a combined annual benefit of up to £120 for routine checkups, scaling and polishing without any waiting period. It also provides up to £410 annually for fillings and extractions.³ Additional cover includes:

Claims made on hospital stays, oral cancer treatment, PPE, routine checkups and accidents or emergencies are paid up to 100%.

WPA Providential Cash Plan

The Providential Cash Plan from WPA offers two levels of cover for its plan members. Those who enrol can choose from NHS or private treatment options. The cost of this plan varies, but members have access to extensive services that are covered up to 100% when provided by an NHS dentist or up to 75% when provided privately. That includes:

This plan lets its members pay premiums monthly or annually, depending on their budget and preferences.⁴

AXA Core Dental

AXA Core Dental provides up to 100% cover on NHS-provided dental services. enrolees can claim the following costs:

In some cases, treatments involving accidental injuries or emergency care are covered even when provided by a private dental practice. The cost of this plan varies, but coverage is paid up to 100% within the plan’s limits.⁵

AXA Premium Dental

AXA’s Premium Dental plan provides a higher level of cover for its members, as well as access to private treatment options for those who prefer it. Coverage includes:

Members of this plan may also choose to visit an NHS dentist.

Bupa Dental Cover 10

Bupa’s Dental Cover 10 plan is available to UK residents 18 years of age and above who are willing to obtain treatment from an NHS dentist. The policy covers 100% of charges for dental visits that include:⁶

Unlimited coverage is provided for all oral cancer treatments under this plan but are subject to a six-month waiting period.
Members of this plan can also access private treatments; however, only the eligible NHS cost will be covered.

Bupa Dental Cover 20

The Bupa Dental Cover 20 plan provides premium coverage that goes above and beyond what’s offered in the Dental Cover 10 plan.⁷ This plan covers:

This plan is the best choice from Bupa for patients who are registered privately and do not receive care from an NHA dentist.

Cigna Dental Insurance For Employees

Business owners and managers can provide their employees with 100% dental coverage under Cigna’s affordable employee insurance plans.⁸ The cost of these plans varies depending on the number of employees enrolled. Cover includes:

Enrolees can receive treatment from any dentist in the UK, whether they’re NHS-registered or private.

Dencover NHS Dental Insurance Plan

The Dencover NHS Dental Insurance Plan is among the most affordable options in the UK.⁹ At just £6.00 monthly, this plan provides 100% coverage up to the policy limits for routine checkups and x-rays, along with hygiene care, restorative care, accidents and worldwide emergencies. While hygiene and routine care aren’t subject to any waiting periods, other services have waiting periods ranging from 15 to 60 days.

This plan’s limits are:

Dencover Diamond Dental Insurance Plan

This plan provides Dencover’s highest level of cover. Starting at £24.00 per month, this plan covers 100% of all eligible services, with the exception of hygiene and restorative care, which are covered at 80% and 55%, respectively.¹⁰ The claim limits for this plan are:

Boots Core Dental Plan

The Boots Core Dental Plan is designed to provide low-cost coverage for individuals who receive care within the NHS system.¹¹ It covers the following costs:

It’s worth noting that this plan only covers hospital stats that are directly related to dental treatment.

Boots Private Dental Level 2

The Boots Level 2 plan is available for a starting price of £24.40 per month.¹² It offers cover that extends beyond what’s provided in the Level 1 or Core plans. Reimbursements are provided up to 100%, depending on the service, and maximum annual reimbursement amounts are as follows:

Enrolees in this plan are free to choose a private or NHS dentist to provide their care.

Simplyhealth Level 3

Those looking for a more comprehensive approach to their insurance may wish to consider the Simplyhealth Level 3 plan, which provides health and dental cover with claims up to £1,140 per year for the following services:

Furthermore, this plan provides unlimited GP care and access to counselling services.

Kimberly Dixon