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Top 13 Work From Home Jobs for Older People in the U.K.

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By Imogen Sharma

Working from home has a lot of perks, especially for older people. It’s convenient and eliminates the need to commute back and forth. Plus, you don’t have to stand on your feet all day or do physical work that’s hard on your body. Luckily, it isn’t hard to find the right job, since there are plenty of positions you can fill from home.

All you need is a computer, internet connection and the right skill set to get started. Whether you prefer to interact with others all day or work independently, there are plenty of options when it comes to remote jobs.

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Discover the top 13 job roles you can fill from home with an online search.

1. Proofreader

Average Salary: £25,987¹

Proofreaders are responsible for reading through and editing documents before they’re published. You edit copy to ensure it contains proper spelling, punctuation and grammar across a variety of documents.

There are many types of writing that could need proofreading, including books, webpages, documents and articles. You can choose between working as a freelancer or taking a position with a publishing house. A degree isn’t required for an entry-level position. As long as you have excellent literacy skills, finely tuned attention to detail and you’re great at communicating, you’ll be able to succeed.

2. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: £26,764²

Older adults with a knack for numbers and organisation might choose to work as a bookkeeper. These accounting professionals prepare business accounts and keep track of financial transactions. Unlike fully-fledged accountants, a bookkeeper doesn’t need any special training. You just need to have an eye for detail, astute organisation skills and a basic understanding of finance.

Finding a role is as easy as conducting a Google search to see if there are small businesses in your area (or further afield) looking for virtual bookkeepers. Day-to-day tasks consist of creating financial statements, monitoring transactions, processing payroll and other important duties.

3. Online Sales Representative

Average Salary: £28,862³

Rather than standing on your feet at retail stores or driving from place to place all day, take your exceptional sales pitch online. You might be surprised to find out how many businesses hire virtual sales representatives.

Remote sales employees sell products and services online or over the phone, typically operating during normal business hours. Online sales reps answer customer service questions and maintain records, and companies usually put you through some training to prepare you for your role. The good news is workers often earn commission on sales, which means the more you sell, the more you earn.

4. Transcription

Average Salary: £30,674⁴

A transcription professional converts audio recordings into written documents. This job is critical for many fields, including health care, business, journalism and law. It’s a job that anyone can easily do from home, and previous experience isn’t necessarily required.

While there aren’t educational programs or designated training for transcribers, you should be able to type quickly. You also need to have good listening skills and the ability to focus for long periods of time. This combination of skills ensures that you’re accurately transcribing what’s being said.

5. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: £24,680⁵

Unlike traditional assistants who work in-person, virtual assistants help with administrative duties remotely. Instead of being on tea and coffee duty, opening posts and organising the office, you’re responsible for duties that are carried out over the computer. This could consist of tasks, such as liaising with clients, scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements.

Older people with a background in administrative or office manager positions would thrive in this position. You don’t need a degree, but some experience in a similar field can help.

6. Virtual Customer Service Agent

Average Salary: £21,499⁶

Put your people skills to good use and work as a virtual customer service agent. Many companies require resilient, socially adept staff to handle customer inquiries. You represent the company and do whatever you can to understand, preempt and meet customer needs.

Since you won’t be interacting with customers face-to-face, it’s important to have strong communication skills. You’ll need to be familiar with the company’s policies to accurately handle customer questions and complaints and deliver the perfect customer experience.

7. Online Tutor

Average Salary: £35,324⁷

Swap the classroom for your living room while working as an online tutor. Whether you have a teaching qualification or not, you can get a job tutoring people remotely. Ex-teachers might be able to command a higher salary, but anyone with expertise in a specific subject can offer their services in this field.

Older adults can pack their schedule as tight or lightly as they choose. However, since virtual teaching is all done online, you should be comfortable using technology for a variety of tasks. These might include video conferencing and document sharing.

8. Career Coach

Average Salary: £26,512⁸

As more people are starting businesses than ever and coaching outside of sports becomes more mainstream, the demand for career coaches continues to rise. As an older adult, you’re well established as a working professional in your field. Now, you can mentor others and help them succeed by providing guidance and inspiration via text and video.

Career coaching is a social profession that involves consulting with clients, participating in seminars and handling your own>

9. Translator

Average Salary: £27,335⁹

If you’re able to speak two or more languages, then you can make a tidy sum as a translator. This job involves converting information from one language to another. You don’t just translate words, you also translate the integrity of the message by maintaining the style and tone.

Translators are needed across a wide range of industries, but particularly in government, education and business. Unlike interpreters who focus on verbal messages, translators tend to specialise in written text. This makes it a viable job to carry out from home.

10. Travel Agent

Average Salary: £19,040¹⁰

Put your love of travel to good use by helping clients book their dream holiday. Travel agents help people plan and book their trips within their desired budget. The more experience you have with travel, the better you’ll be at the role. You’ll provide clients with helpful suggestions or recommendations on destinations, transport and places of interest.

Aside from being adept at customer service, travel agents should be comfortable using software to book flights, hotels and attractions. You’ll also need to be efficient at handling customer queries and doing your own>

11. Claims Investigator

Average Salary: £29,336¹¹

Another lucrative field that allows you to work from home is insurance. Specifically, a job focusing on claim investigations. These professionals examine claims and determine whether they’re valid. In this remote job, you work to authenticate claims and quickly settle them.

Claims investigators also perform other duties, such as coordinating policy services and preparing reports. To qualify for this job, an older person should be comfortable juggling multiple cases at once and have excellent decision-making skills. Previous experience in insurance or a similar field might make it easier to find work.

12. Data Entry

Average Salary: £24,633¹²

Older adults with strong analytical, organisation and communication skills might enjoy working in data entry. A typical workday would consist of collecting or updating data and entering it into a designated software system. You ensure accurate data is inputted into the system and present data if requested.

This job requires little experience, but those with prior administrative or accounting experience might find it easier to find remote work. You should be comfortable working with numbers and able to learn specific computer programs.

13. Virtual Legal Assistant

Average Salary: £20,683¹³

Law firms hire virtual legal assistants to complete administrative tasks and improve customer service with clients. A typical workday can include tasks, such as scheduling appointments, legal research, handling client communication and managing contracts.

Your boss provides clear instructions each day or week and provides deadlines to work from. Since the position is remote, you need to be self-motivated and able to work quickly. Older adults with a background in law or administration are best-suited to landing assistant positions at law firms seeking remote workers.

Imogen Sharma