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Why a Custom Email Domain is More Important Than You Think

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By Heather Fishel

Running your very own business isn’t easy work. There’s a lot to think about as every decision you make directly affects your business and its success. Building a brand is one of the most important projects for small business owners. With something as simple as a custom email domain, you can begin to make your business stand out from competitors. So, make sure to search online to find an affordable domain hosting service and create your own custom email domain today.

A custom email domain might be a small piece of your business, but it can be critically important. It can affect everything from your marketing efforts to customer response to emails. And it’s quite simple to set up. Here are a few ways your business could benefit from having a custom email domain.

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A Custom Email Domain Gives You Credibility

First and foremost, having a custom email domain makes your business more “real”. It gives your company some serious credibility.

When customers and clients — or potential customers and clients — need to get in touch, having a custom email domain helps them know where their emails are going. Your email address shows customers that you’re professional and that you’re a real business that can be trusted. A custom email address gives customers confidence in your credibility.

For example, how would you feel if you were emailing a company at or These free email addresses work fine, but they’re very unprofessional. If you were about to spend money with a company with one of these email addresses, would you feel confident that the company was credible?

Statistics show that customers are more likely to give their payment information to companies with email addresses that match their names.1 Having a custom email address shows others that your business is trustworthy and worth using.

A free, unprofessional email address takes away your credibility. Even more importantly, it could cause customers to take their money and their business to your competitors.2

You Can Standardize Company Emails

Getting a custom email domain gives you the flexibility you need as you grow your business. And as you grow, it’ll help to standardize email addresses throughout your company.

While you might start off with just one or two email addresses under your custom domain, you’ll likely find yourself needing more as you grow and hire more employees. Fortunately, a custom email domain makes this pretty effortless. You can create a custom email format that’s used for all other email addresses within your company. For example, you could give all of your employees an email address like or

This helps streamline your business and make every member of the team appear more professional. It also ensures all of your company’s business communications look and feel like they come from a coherent organization.

It’s consistent, professional, and gives you important flexibility. It even eliminates the concern that comes with using free email addresses – being stuck with whatever email addresses are still available.3

Your Emails Will Be More Effective

Even though adopting a custom email domain isn’t a huge undertaking, it can make a significant difference in your emails’ effectiveness.

Each time you email your customers or clients, your emails will get more attention – but only if they come from a professional, branded, and custom domain that’s directly related to your company. When you use a branded email domain, your emails are less likely to wind up in customers’ spam folders. Since your emails look professional and credible, more people will trust them and read the contents.

Additionally, you lower the risk of being marked as spam by customers’ email inboxes. Services like Gmail and Yahoo will flag messages that appear risky – like those that come from non-business domains. As a result, this automated service can prevent customers from ever seeing your important business news and information.

So, if you want more eyes on your emails, it’s best to use a custom email domain. More customers are likely to receive your emails, which will likely lead to a higher open rate and potentially higher numbers of clicks to your business website.

Set Up a Custom Email Domain for Your Company Now

Are you ready to make your business even more professional? You can do this right now in just a few minutes. All you need is a domain hosting company or service to start setting up a custom domain just for your company’s emails.

Search online to find web hosting or domain hosting services. You can compare different services and their prices to assess which offers the best value or the best mix of services for your needs.

Heather Fishel