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13 of the World’s Best Airlines

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By John Warbuck

If you’re looking to travel the globe, there are numerous airlines that can take you where you want to go. You may feel lost when you’re trying to book the perfect flight. This guide reviews the world’s best airlines so that you can find one that delivers the service you need.

There are many things to think about when you’re booking your flight. Are there any layovers and connecting flights? Do you want upscale service, food and entertainment? While you can certainly save money by selecting flights that don’t have extra amenities, they often come with additional hassles. For example, it might be better to take a non-stop flight to avoid running from one end of an airport to the other to catch a connecting flight.

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Here are the top airlines for you to consider when planning your trip.


Lufthansa1 is a German airline best known for its efficiency. You can depend on excellent baggage service, on-time arrivals and very few hang-ups during your trip. Lufthansa provides friendly service and tons of drink and food options during your flight.

Most of Lufthansa’s fleet is new, so the plane you board will be modern, clean and spacious. The airliner is all about efficiency, so you won’t need to wait very long at baggage claim to get your luggage either.

British Airways

British Airways2 is one of the world’s juggernauts for international travel. It has over 280 planes and flies to 200 cities in 80 countries. One of the unique parts of a British Airways flight is the British tea service. You also get a tasty meal, television and music to keep your mind busy.

People say that there’s a lot of legroom on their flights and that the crew is very friendly and responsive. You can order as many beverages as you like.

Air France

Air France3 has been in business since 1933 and offers trips to France from all over the world. They have over 42,000 employees and crew who focus on safety and health. The planes are cleaned and the air filtered to prevent the spread of disease. If you find yourself in need of anything mid-flight, the flight crew is very attentive.

While claim processing isn’t something you want to think about, the good news is that Air France has one of the best claims processing systems in the industry.

Delta Air Lines

Delta4 is one of the largest domestic airlines in the United States and has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Most people have heard of Delta because it has tons of domestic flights within the United States, but it’s also a popular international airline. In fact, Delta’s ratings are even better for international trips than flights within the country.

Delta offers entertainment options which include movies, music and fine dining. They also accommodate passengers with hearing issues by providing extra services to make their trip more enjoyable.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic5 was founded by Richard Branson in 1984 and is one of the world’s most unique airlines. Each plane has its own paint design and name. Virgin Atlantic offers upscale service and comfort. The crew pays close attention to every passenger’s needs and makes every possible effort to accommodate you.

Virgin Atlantic operates an impressive fleet, including Boeing 747 jets with tons of passenger space. You can stretch your legs, enjoy an in-flight movie and eat good food.

ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon Airways6 started in Japan in 1952 and is now the nation’s largest airline. It specializes mostly in international flights, with stops in 80 cities. It flies modern and advanced Boeing 787 jets, which are large, comfortable and equipped with many features for passenger entertainment.

If you fly to Asia a lot, ANA All Nippon Airways has a great frequent flier program. It also travels to 110 destinations within Japan.


Emirates first appeared on the scene in 1985 and ran two planes out of Dubai. They now own over 230 airplanes and fly 1,500 times every week. You have plenty of places to travel through Emirates7 because they have destinations in over 80 countries and six continents.

One of the reasons many people love this airline is the newer aircraft. The average age of Emirates’ planes is only 5.7 years. Other airlines may have planes that are 25 or more years old.

American Airlines

American Airlines has a place in U.S. History. It was founded in 1926 when Charles Lindbergh delivered mail from St. Louis to Chicago on a short route. It’s now one of the largest airlines in the world and runs 6,700 flights each day.

Whether you’re looking for an airline that travels to many places or a reliable domestic airline, American Airlines8 fits the bill. You can take flights to over 300 destinations and 50 countries worldwide.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the most popular airlines around the globe. During the pandemic, many people appreciate the high cleanliness standards, friendly staff members and good food during long flights. Qatar Airways flies internationally and is extremely efficient. Most trips arrive on time or ahead of schedule, and passengers rarely report baggage claim issues.

Qatar Airways9 travels to 140 cities across the globe. You can catch a flight to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines10 is a member of the Oneworld alliance and has been around since 1951. It’s Japan’s oldest airline and can fly you to 430 places in 66 countries. It’s difficult to find another airline with so many places to travel to.

The airline is considered one of the most punctual carriers on the planet, with an impressive on-time rate. Don’t be surprised if you arrive at your destination a little earlier than you expected.


EVA Air11 is based in Taiwan and flies to 60 global destinations. It offers connecting trips to places throughout China and serves Europe, North America, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. EVA has received awards for how clean and well-maintained its aircraft are. It was also one of TripAdvisor’s top picks for Asian travel airlines.

EVA offers reliable service, in-flight entertainment, good food and drinks, quick baggage claim service, affordable ticket prices and a frequent flier program.

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways12 is Australia’s largest domestic airline and has been in business since 1920. While it serves the needs of Australian travelers daily, it’s also a popular international carrier that has a great on-time arrival record. Long flights can be boring or stressful, and Qantas helps ease these troubles with polite, professional staff who have a great sense of humor.

Like other top airlines, the baggage claim service with Qantas is top-notch. You won’t need to wait long or worry about lost bags.

Singapore Airlines

The greatest praise Singapore Airlines has received is for its quality of service. Expect to be pampered on your flight with plenty of drinks, movies, television, music, good food and attentive staff. Some flights can last up to 19 hours, so Singapore Airlines offers first-class seating with a ton of space to move around, lay down or busy yourself with some work or a book.

Singapore Airlines13 has very few delayed flights, which is great when traveling such long distances.

John Warbuck