The Best Cell Phone Deals You Can Get Right Now

If you’re cringing at the size of your wireless bill, you’re not alone. Smartphone prices are on the rise around the world, and the cost of staying connected with the latest technology increases every year.

If you want to save on talk, text, and data without downgrading to a cell phone lacking the features you need, your best bet is to search for deals. The following providers currently have some of the best prices on plans to power your digital life.

Metro PCS

The no-contract plans from Metro PCS include taxes and fees in the prices, so what you see is what you pay – no surprises. All plans come with unlimited talk and text and offer between two to 10 gigabytes of data. Standard pricing starts at $30 per month, making Metro PCS a cheap alternative to many contract plans.

Signing up for all but the cheapest plan includes perks like:

  • “Music Unlimited” streaming, allowing you to listen to as much music as you want from popular services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music without using any data
  • Data maximizing to stream video more efficiently without sacrificing quality
  • Family plan discounts of up to $30 per line

Right now, if you switch to Metro PCS, you can get up to four free phones. Adding all four lines reduces the monthly price per line to $25, giving your entire family unlimited service for just $100 per month. For families on tight budgets, this is one of the cheapest options available from any carrier.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom

Unlimited Freedom from Sprint is a plan designed for people who love to stream media. Plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with high-definition video, streaming gaming, streaming music, and shareable data. New customers get a six-month trial of the TIDAL HiFi music service and, for a limited time, a free “limited commercials” Hulu account.

Choose AutoPay to handle your bill, and you’ll pay only $100 per month for three to five lines. This price is locked in for a limited time, giving you a window of opportunity to save as much as $150 on a family plan when compared to other major providers.

Sprint is currently offering new customers one month of free service if they activate a new line. If you buy your phone online, Sprint will also waive the $30 activation fee. Monthly payment plans make it possible to get the latest phones without a big upfront investment.

T-Mobile ONE

Like Metro PCS, T-Mobile’s ONE plans include all taxes and fees in the price. The more lines you add, the less you pay per line. Single lines require a monthly payment of $70. Prices drop to $40 per line if you have four people on your plan, and all plans provide 3G mobile hotspot data. Currently, no other major providers offer similar price points.

One perk of maintaining multiple lines with T-Mobile ONE is free access to Netflix. Unlike many other providers with limits of 20 to 30 gigabytes, T-Mobile gives users 50 before data speeds decrease. If you want to use your abundant data for unlimited HD streaming, you can add this feature for an extra $10 per month. Other add-ons include voicemail-to-text and unlimited inflight Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile customers ages 55 and older can get an even better deal: two lines with the carrier for only $70 per month, but the cheaper price means forfeiting the Netflix subscription.

Verizon Unlimited

Verizon offers three versions of its unlimited plan to cater to the diverse needs of users:

  • Go, starting at $75 per line monthly
  • Beyond, starting at $85 per line monthly
  • Above, starting at $95 per line monthly

With four or more phones, prices drop to $40, $50 or $60 per line each month, respectively. Each plan provides unlimited talk, text and data along with the benefit of unlimited mobile hotspot data.

Right now, the carrier is offering up to 50 percent off select iPhones and Android phones with qualifying trade-ins. This could mean a savings of up to $499.99 on the most expensive models, giving you access to the latest features without breaking the bank.

How to Get a Deal on Your Cell Phone Bill

The details of these deals are current, but providers change offers all the time. To get the best price on a plan and save on the newest phones, you need to search for deals online. Trade-in discounts, new customer deals, lower prices on additional lines, and other perks are just a few ways you can slash your bill.

Compare similar plans to ensure you get an accurate picture of how much you can save with one provider over another. Remember to read the fine print: many deals require you to sign up for a contract and can have high termination fees. Getting all the details will help you find the most affordable plan to support your favorite mobile activities.

If you’re interested in finding a cheaper cell phone plan, start a search today.

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