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How You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you have, you may have been surprised by what you found – and you may have even been shocked or embarrassed. If you don’t like what you see when you search for yourself online, you need to take action. Anyone who searches for you, like friends, coworkers, and potential employers, will see exactly what you see. And your online reputation is extremely important. Your online presence can make the difference between a new opportunity or total embarrassment. Fortunately, there are new companies dedicated to ...

6 Luxury Cars in So Incredible You Won’t Believe They Cost Under $50,000

Everyone wants a luxury car, a top-of-the-line model loaded with incredible features. But few people can afford their high price – there’s little room in the average budget to shell out tens of thousands of dollars on a luxury car. If you’ve been longing to get behind the wheel of a luxury car, now’s the time to treat yourself. Many of the year’s best luxury models are surprisingly affordable, meaning you can afford the performance, features, and luxurious little details you’ve always wanted. It may be hard to believe, but ...

Open Enrollment Is Here: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Medicare

If you’re eligible for Medicare, it’s almost time for the most important period of the year: open enrollment. Whether you’re a longtime Medicare subscriber or in your first year of eligibility, it’s crucial that you don’t miss out on open enrollment. Open enrollment is the only time all year that seniors can make changes to their Medicare coverage. This year, the open enrollment period for 2019 will begin on October 15, 2018. Before open enrollment begins, you should examine your Medicare options, present coverage, and health expenses for the past ...
This Is the Ideal Number of Credit Cards to Have

This Is the Ideal Number of Credit Cards to Have

A man in Santa Clara, California holds the Guinness World Record for the most credit cards: Mr. Plastic Fantastic, as he’s called, has almost 1,500 cards and a $1.7 million credit line. Though this certainly isn’t a normal case, Mr. Plastic Fantastic’s choices raise a good question: how many credit cards is the right number to have? No one should carry 1,500 open credit card accounts, but one sole credit card is also not necessarily the right answer. In fact, the answer is far from one-size-fits-all. The right number of ...

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Understanding Dry Eyes Syndrome and How to Treat It

If you have ever had red, burning, itchy eyes, you are likely one of the millions of people who experience dry eye syndrome each year. Often called "dry eyes," the condition affects more than ...

The Bank Accounts You Want to Know About In 2019

Most bank accounts come with strings attached. Be it monthly fees, the cost of specific features, or payments for access, these charges can add up fast. Having the right bank account for your needs ...

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