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13 Cards To Give Your SO For Valentine’s Day

4 minute read

By natadm

Valentine’s Day is a huge day for couples – after all, it’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the entire year. So it’s no surprise that meaningful cards are a big part of Valentine’s Day gifts, with every gift accompanied by a loving message.

But greeting cards don’t have to be boring. In fact, today’s Valentine’s Day cards can be meaningful, sweet, and hilarious. If you’re looking for a unique way to express your love this year, try one of these creative cards.

1. I’m So Glad We’re a Thing

If you’ve just started a new relationship, you don’t want to say too much – that’s why this card from Etsy¹ is the perfect choice. It reads “I’m so glad we’re a thing” on the front, and the inside is blank for a personalized message.

2. I Cannoli See Myself With You

This cannoli-printed card from Urban Outfitters is super trendy. It has a handmade vibe and a good food pun, making it a great way to tell your significant other that you can’t see yourself being with anyone else.


3. Hottie Sauce

If your partner is a foodie who loves anything spicy, this hot sauce card from Papyrus2 is a fun choice for Valentine’s Day. The punny little bottle of hot sauce is made of stamped foil and the card’s envelope is lined with delicate little hearts. On the inside, the card reads “Valentine, you set my everything on fire!”


4. Wreath Valentine’s Day

This pretty card from Thimblepress3 has the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the front, wreathed in gorgeous pink flowers. It’s perfect for a significant other who loves pink but wants to keep it classy. The inside is blank, so make sure your handwriting can match up to the elegant calligraphy on the outside.


5. You Make My Heart Skip a Beet

Another punny card that’s perfect for fans of The Office or Dwight Schrute is this 1Canoe24 card with the message “You Make My Heart Skip a Beet” on the front. The card is hand-drawn and paired with a brilliant chartreuse envelope. It’s ideal for gardeners or anyone who needs to be reminded that they’re loved.


6. You Have My Heart

If you’re dating someone who appreciates vintage tattoos, this printed card from Dahlia Press5 with the message “You have my heart” pressed in pink scrollwork. The design is gorgeous; all of the little botanical designs are etched deeply into the cotton paper, so it’s a real pleasure to touch.


7. You’re a Gem

This trendy card by Thimblepress6 was actually designed in collaboration with the team behind lifestyle blog The Glitter Guide. It features a tumble of watercolor-painted gemstones behind the words “You’re a Gem”, which are embossed in copper foil. It’s printed on thick cotton paper and comes with a teal envelope that complements the card’s color palette.


8. I Love You More Than Kanye Loves Kanye

This handmade card available on Etsy7 pays tribute to Kanye West’s greatest love- himself. Anyone who has Twitter has seen his slow-motion meltdown over the last few months, and now you can honor his insanity with a card for your love. It features an artistic rendering of West himself on the front (tattoos included) and has a blank interior for your message.


9. We Go Together Like…

Spoiler alert: the pairing that’s suggested on this unique Etsy card8 is avocado and toast. This card is clearly just trying to attract millennials. The card features two little emoji-like figures of an avocado and a slice of toast on the front, and a blank interior for your message.


10. I’d Remove My Blindfold For You

If your significant other loves Bird Box, or even if they’ve just been on Facebook in the last month, this Etsy9 card inspired by the memes of Sandra Bullock’s iconic blindfold-covered eyes will offer tons of laughs along with your message of love. The lettering and illustration are hand-drawn by the designer, and it comes with a brown kraft paper envelope.


11. I Still Love You

This silly card available on Etsy10 features the message “I still love you” underneath an empty roll of toilet paper – and it does a great job of expressing all the love and affection that exists between long-term couples. You don’t need to be in the honeymoon stage to enjoy Valentine’s Day.


12. I Like Like U Like, A Lot

For everyone who has ever struggled to express their feelings in a way that doesn’t make them sound like a 14-year-old girl, this card by Aviate Press11 is for you. The card is made to order and features the message “I like like U like, a lot” on the cover, accompanied by two hearts.


13. I Hate You The Least

For your nearest and dearest fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, this handcrafted Etsy12 card features an illustration of Bianca Del Rio on a watercolor background spitting a very characteristic read. Just make sure they’ve seen season 6 before you put this in the mail.