2020 Black Friday Engagement Ring Deals

Black Friday is right around the corner, so it’s time to get thinking about what deals you want to take advantage of. This time of year tends to see big diamond ring discounts. So, if you’re planning on gifting one to someone special, you’ll want to think ahead.

Since Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner, and Valentine’s Day is a short two months later, buying an engagement ring during Black Friday is a wise decision — even if you plan to store it in your dresser drawer for a few months. Search online to find the best deals being offered on engagement rings this Black Friday.

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When to Buy an Engagement Ring

While there are certainly sales at different points in the year, the Black Friday weekend is one of the best times to make a purchase. In fact, Lesley Harris, VP of sales at Brian Gavin Diamonds, states “the most competitive time for diamond purchases is going to be Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.”1 As a result, retailers often offer deep discounts to entice shoppers to choose their brand over others.

Just know that if you don’t move quickly, the particular diamond you were eyeing may be sold already.

Where to Buy an Engagement Ring

From online shops to local jewelers to big malls, there are many places to purchase an engagement ring. However, online stores can sometimes offer better deals. This is because they don’t have the overhead of a storefront, a cost that is often passed on to the customer through higher prices and limits their ability to offer deep discounts.

Here are some of the best places to purchase an engagement ring this Black Friday.


Costco is a wonderland of well-priced goodies, which surprisingly includes engagement rings! In fact, money expert Clark Howard advises people to buy their diamonds at Costco because the markup is “14 , which is probably the lowest in the United States.”

Right now, engagement rings are really well-priced. For instance, you can get a 14kt yellow gold diamond band for as low as $229.992, which is an incredible price point when compared to the $5,9003 national average cost of an engagement.

While Costco’s prices are already affordable, make sure to check back closer to Black Friday to see if the retailer offers any additional discounts.


Zales is known for offering incredible savings on Black Friday. In fact, the retailer is already running a sitewide Early Black Friday sale that helps you score at least 25 percent off everything! Don’t wait to start shopping as some rings are already up to 68 percent off.4

James Allen

James Allen is a reputable online jeweler with an amazing selection of engagement rings. Moreover, the retailer gives customers the ability to design a ring to their liking. Don’t worry about not liking your custom-made ring since James Allen offers free 30-day returns and a lifetime warranty on most of their engagement rings.5

While James Allen hasn’t announced any Black Friday sales yet, keep checking back to see what discounts they offer this year.

Blue Nile

Last year for Black Friday, Blue Nile discounted select piece of jewelry by 50 percent.6 Currently, the retailer is offering up to 30 percent off select jewelry when using the code HOLIDAY20 as an early Black Friday sale.7

Since this is an early sale, be sure to check back closer to Black Friday to see what other discounts Blue Nile has to offer.


Kay is one of the leading jewelry stores in America. The retailer is known for offering excellent online savings around the holidays. In years past, Kay has offered Black Friday deals like:

While Kay hasn’t revealed what they’ll offer for Black Friday 2020, they’re currently running a 20 to 50 percent off sale on all items and 20 percent off personalized jewelry when using the code 20PROMO.9

Be sure to check back closer to Black Friday to see what other deals and discounts Kay has to offer.

Don’t Miss Out on Great Deals

Black Friday is a great time of the year to score some major deals when it comes to engagement rings. Regardless of when you plan to propose, picking up a ring during these sales can save you a good chunk of change, either allowing you to pocket that cash for the wedding or get more bling for your budget.

In addition to the deals we’ve shared here, don’t forget to search online for other sales as we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.