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The Best Virtual High Schools

With all-time high numbers of students studying at home rather than in the classroom, virtual learning is more popular than ever before. Increasingly more students are taking classes right from their laptops and smartphones, leaving the traditional classroom behind in favor of an at-home option. But are virtual high schools just as good in terms…

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8 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

The internet is a huge distraction full of social media, online shopping, and adorable puppy images on Google. But what if you could customize the browser in your favor to be more productive? Google Chrome offers just that. With thousands of extensions available to add in the Web Store, you can find ones that will…

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The Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Admit it: you’re paying way too much for your cell phone each month. With the cost of cell phones increasing regularly, it’s difficult to find an affordable plan. However, what you likely don’t realize is you’re paying for features you don’t even need or use. To cut down on your cell phone costs, switch to…

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Do You Qualify for Workers’ Comp? Here’s How to Find Out

Workers’ compensation can be a complicated thing. If you get injured or fall ill as a result of your work, workers’ comp is supposed to support you. Yet each year, many valid workers’ compensation cases go unclaimed. Injured and ill employees fail to hold their workplaces and employers accountable – and they lose out on…

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Earn Free Money For Your Degree With These Grant Programs

grant application

The national student loan debt has reached a record $1.6 trillion in the U.S. with the average graduate owing $32,731.¹ Student debt follows people long after graduation, making it difficult to pay off on top of living expenses, savings, and interest fees. This is why prospective students should look into grant programs. These sums of…

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8 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser More Fun

Nearly three billion people have Google Chrome as their default browser and around 10 million of those users have at least one extension downloaded.¹ Chrome Extensions are web programs that can customize the user experience. Whether it be with helpful widgets, browser designs, or games, there are a bunch to choose from allowing you to…

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