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3 Reasons You Should Use a Laundry Service

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By Heather Fishel

Laundry is one chore that truly never ends. You’ll always have more laundry to do, more stains to spot, and more clothes to fold – and that process takes a lot of time and effort. But there’s another way to get your clothes clean and fresh. You just need to search online for laundry pickup and delivery services in your area.

A laundry pickup and delivery service, or a laundry service, will wash your clothes for you. You can have your dirty laundry picked up, cleaned professionally, and dropped off at your door. And if you search online, you can find a laundry service that’s convenient and affordable.

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There are so many benefits to using a laundry service. Here are three of the biggest.

1. Laundry Services Are Convenient

If you want to make your everyday life easier, a laundry service offers incredible convenience. Instead of spending hours doing load after load of laundry, you’ll have someone else take over the job.

A typical American spends half an hour every day doing laundry, or 6.5 hours per week¹. But when you enlist the help of a laundry service, your time will be yours again. You’ll be handing over your laundry to a team of experts – a team that likely uses washers and dryers that can hold as much as 600 kilograms, or over 1,320 pounds, of laundry in a single load². Your laundry service will be able to wash ten times the laundry you can, saving time and money.

You can take back your time and your weekends by sending your laundry out via a laundry service. You don’t even need to sort or prepare your laundry to be picked up by a laundry service. Most companies will take care of the sorting for you³.

And, to make doing laundry even easier, laundry services offer pickup and delivery. That means you don’t even need to leave home. Your chosen laundry service will pick up your dirty laundry, wash it, and drop it off at your door when it’s ready. Some laundry services do require drop offs, so make sure to search for pickup and delivery laundry services online if you want the ultimate level of convenience.

2. Your Laundry Will Undergo Professional Cleaning

Have you struggled to remove stains of all kinds? Are you frustrated when you have to do an entire load of ironing after you’ve finished the laundry? If you use a laundry service, these common issues will disappear.

A laundry service will wash and dry your clothes using expert practices. They’ll know how to wash and dry different fabrics and materials, and they have the right equipment to do so⁴. They use the right kinds of cleaning agents to remove stains and keep your clothing in its best shape. A laundry service can give your dirty clothes the attention and care they need. Your clothes will be cleaner than you can get them on your own at home.

Additionally, some laundry services will also offer extra services⁵. For example, you may be able to have your dry cleaning taken care of along with your laundry. Or, you might be able to have clothing altered and tailored in addition to getting your laundry washed. You can find a laundry service that’ll meet each one of your needs for the ultimate kind of professional care and cleaning.

3. Laundry Services Can Save You Money

Lastly, laundry services may be able to cut your costs and save you money. While it might seem more expensive to send your laundry out for professional cleaning, you might find yourself paying less than you expect.

Typically, laundry pickup and delivery services charge by the pound to clean your clothing. For basic laundry services, you’ll pay anywhere from $0.90 to $3 per pound to have your clothes washed, dried, and folded⁶. That means you could pay as little as $9 to have 10 pounds of laundry cleaned.

Compared that to what it would cost you. Washing items at a laundromat costs about $3.12 per load or approximately $8.25 for eight loads, and washing items at home costs about $0.97 per load or approximately $7.76 for eight loads⁷. That means you’ll get more clothing washed, potentially at a lower price, if you choose a laundry service.

Find a Local Laundry Service Today

Are you ready to give up the hard work of doing your own laundry? A laundry service will take the job off your hands, giving you more free time, more flexibility, and professionally cleaned clothes.

The key to finding a laundry service is searching online. You can search online for laundry delivery services in your area, comparing different local options and cleaners. During your search, you can check out their prices and determine which laundry service is the best choice for your needs and your budget. You can also look for special offers, low pricing, and other incentives that make a laundry service work for you.

Heather Fishel