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4 Ways a New Roof Can Lower Your Monthly Bills

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By Heather Fishel

Did you know that your roof has an impact on how much you pay for your energy each month? Your roof actually directly affects your energy bill – and if your roof is old, it could be driving your costs up. Search online to find out how much you could save on your monthly bills by updating or replacing your roof.

Repairing or replacing your old roof could help you save money, both now and in the long run. It could even make your home eligible for energy-efficiency savings like rebates and lower energy costs. If you’re ready to start lowering your monthly bills, search online to learn more about ways you can lower your costs with a new roof.

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Here are four ways you can save with a new roof.

1. You Can Add Better Insulation

If it’s time to replace your roof, it’s probably also time to replace the insulation underneath your roof. In fact, you can actually add new insulation to your roof before you shell out the money to replace your entire roof – and it can give you energy savings in no time at all.

The insulation beneath your roof and throughout your attic helps your home hold its interior temperature. Insulation can create a barrier that reduces thermal transfer.1 If your insulation is in good shape (and you actually have insulation), it’ll keep cool air inside on hot days and hot air inside on cold days. Essentially, if your attic is hot, it prevents that heat from creeping down into the rest of your home. Insulation helps you use less energy to achieve a comfortable temperature indoors.

So, when your roof is ready to be replaced – or even if you just want to make some repairs – have a professional roofing contractor check your insulation. It’s the perfect opportunity to add better insulation so you can rely on heating or air conditioning less. And a roofing pro can get the job done quickly and correctly.

2. Adding a Radiant Barrier Can Reflect Heat

When you replace your roof, you have the perfect opportunity to add energy-saving features. One such feature you can really benefit from is a radiant barrier.

A radiant barrier helps reduce heat transfer from your home’s roof to your attic. And, in turn, that can prevent your home from heating up quickly on hot days. It’s a simple addition if you’re already replacing your roof – it’s a special coating that’s applied on the roof deck or sheathing.

With a radiant barrier underneath your new roof and its shingles, your roof will actually reflect heat away from your home. That means less blazing hot sunlight will be able to heat your home, which can help lower your cooling costs and lessen the amount of energy you use to cool your home. Talk to a roofing contractor about applying a radiant barrier. Your contractor can offer expert advice and suggestions to really maximize your energy savings with a new roof.

3. A Better Roof Makes Installing Solar Safer

Have you been thinking about adding solar panels to your home? Solar is a fantastic way to transition your home to renewable energy and score serious savings. Solar can take your energy bill from costly to completely free. But before you can install solar panels, you’ll need to make sure your roof is in good condition.

Your roof has to be sturdy enough to support a solar panel system. If any component of your roof is weakened or damaged, from the shingles to the roof’s structure, you won’t be able to make the switch to solar. Solar panels can lead to cracking roof tiles, tears in underlayers, and sagging if the roof can’t support much weight.2

So, a new roof could lower your monthly bills by enabling you to finally install solar panels. And over time, that can lead to huge financial savings.

Talk to a roofing professional like a contractor about installing solar panels along with your new roof. Your contractor may be able to tackle the entire project for you, streamlining the process and potentially saving you time as well as money.

4. A New Roof Can Use More Energy Efficient Shingles and Roof Material

Replacing your roof might seem pretty straightforward, but there are actually customized choices you can make that’ll give you a more energy-efficient roof. And the more energy-efficient your roof is, the more money it’ll help you save both now and into the future.

You can choose the color and the material of your new roof’s shingles to save energy and money. For example, certain roof shingle colors are actually Energy-Star rated.3 That means they offer “cool” roofing – they’re highly reflective and can help lower the temperature of your home. Additionally, you can opt for a new roof made with thermoplastic PVC membrane, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.4 This unique material can limit how hot your roof gets from direct sunlight, which in turn helps you use less energy to keep cool.

You may even be able to save on the costs of your new roof if you choose Energy Star shingles or a roof made with different materials. These special shingles and roofing materials can potentially qualify you for tax credits in your county or state. Search online to find roofing contractors who work with energy efficient shingles and roofing materials. A professional will know exactly what you need, and they may even be able to help you discover and take advantage of these credits or rebates.

You Can Replace Your Roof Without Breaking the Bank

If you look for energy-efficient options when you need a new roof, you may be able to save money both on your monthly energy bill and the cost of your new roof. Homeowners who opt for energy-efficient materials or choices can qualify for significant savings.

The federal government, for example, may offer a tax credit or rebate if you choose a new roof that meets Energy Star efficiency requirements. Most cool roof products, like light shingle colors and shingles made with certain materials, will qualify. And the savings can add up – you could save between $650 and $1,130 on a 1,000 square foot roof.

Choosing an energy-efficient roof could save you anywhere from $0.03 to $0.06 per square foot on your annual energy costs.5

Want to save as much as possible on your monthly bills? Search online to find a local roofing contractor. You can easily search online in just minutes to find contractors in your area who can help you achieve a more efficient, more affordable new roof. These contractors often offer free estimates, which you can use to compare prices before deciding to redo your roof. Search online and compare a few options, and you’ll be ready to start saving.

Heather Fishel