5 Reasons Seniors Should Consider an Online Social Work Degree

Contrary to popular belief, college is not just for young adults. Although you may be a senior citizen, never use your age as an excuse to stop learning. With online courses being so popular, you can even begin your new journey from home.

Let’s find out why you should consider an online social work degree.

1. Opportunity to Earn More Money

With the cost of living steadily on the rise, everyone could use some extra money, especially with additional costs that come with old age. Getting a degree in social work will definitely open the door for you to boost your finances. Whether you’re looking to travel more often or want to renovate your home, the extra income is bound to make things easier.

According to the latest statistics, social workers earn an average of around $49,500 a year.1 This is a great salary for such a rewarding career. However, you can earn even more money depending upon your area of specialization.

After getting a degree, you’re bound to quickly land a job. There are plenty of organizations looking for new applicants, including schools and nursing homes. Most importantly, the field of social work provides great long-term job security.

2. Learning Keeps Your Mind Sharp

To maintain good health, seniors are encouraged to remain physically active. However, exercising your mind is just as important. By challenging your mind on a regular basis, you’ll be able to stay sharp and quick-witted for years to come. Therefore, devastating age-related illnesses, like dementia, will be far less likely to occur.

While studying to get an online social work degree, your brain will definitely be stimulated. It requires you to retrieve information and remember facts. Studies indicate that learning a new skill can actually slow cognitive aging. Doctors urge seniors to stimulate their mind as much as possible.2

Although the process of obtaining a degree does give your brain a workout, it’s definitely not stressful. Because you can complete your schooling from home, you don’t have to worry about being tied down to a fixed schedule. Even if you happen to live in a retirement community, there should be a variety of different resources at your disposal.

3. Affordable Cost

For many people, the cost of going to college proves to be a big factor. Fortunately, there are several discounts available for students who are 60 years of age and older.

Unbelievably, some online universities offer tuition waivers for seniors. This means you’ll be able to obtain a social work degree for essentially no cost. Even if you aren’t able to receive a completely free education, you’ll likely eligible to receive significantly reduced tuition. Remember, tax deductions are available as well.3

By doing a little research, you’re bound to find scholarships as well. In most instances, you’ll only need to provide basic information such as proof of retirement and income statements. Certain non-profit organizations cater specifically to older adults. So, the staff members will be more than happy to help you get the ball rolling.4

4. Gives You a Chance to Connect with the Community

After earning your online social work degree, you’ll have an easier time connecting with the community. It’s a field that requires face-to-face interactions on an everyday basis. Nothing beats being able to meet new friends. With the feeling of loneliness being such a big issue for some seniors, becoming a social worker will ensure you're always in the company of someone.

Oftentimes, some seniors gradually start to feel unneeded by society. This is a chance for you to help others and prove your value. While some graduates choose to work in a school setting, others opt to aid other seniors. You can help people to find housing, medical care, and a wide range of other things.

5. An Inspiration to Your Family and Friends

Getting an online degree in social work is more than just a personal accomplishment. It’s also something you can share with your family and friends. You may become a source of inspiration. From grandkids to old buddies, everyone will notice your commitment to seeking achievements.

Many times, people just need an outside source of motivation. After seeing you get a degree, the other people in your life will ultimately be provoked to pursue their own dreams.

Final Thoughts

Pursuing an online social work degree is certainly worth the time and effort. With so many educational resources now available, you should take advantage of the opportunity. Remember, learning is a lifelong process.