6 New Smartphone Features to Get Excited About in 2018

Smartphones were an incredible tech innovation when they were first launched over a decade ago. They boasted impressive features unheard of for cell phones: touch screens, internet connectivity, and all kinds of app. But today, the latest smartphones are boring, bland, and unexciting. Each year new devices are released – and they come with barely noticeable updates or additions.

This year, though, smartphones are expected to change. Experts at tech publications like CNET, TechCrunch, and Wired are hinting that 2018 will be the most exciting year for the smartphone since 2007. A slew of new features will make your phone more intelligent, more powerful, and more capable.

These are the smartphone technologies you’ll want to look for in 2018.

1. Augmented Reality

Forget about virtual reality headsets or separate devices and screens. Augmented reality is coming to smartphones, according to Samsung.

Though augmented reality attempts have gone wrong in years past, like Google’s canceled Tango AR project, smartphones finally have the technology necessary to make it happen. With depth sensors, high-end mobile graphics cards, and powerful processors, 2018’s newest smartphones will allow you to blend reality with technology for incredible augmented reality.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Smartphones may not have been very exciting in 2017, but the updates in device hardware are making something thrilling possible in 2018: smartphones with artificial intelligence. This year, smartphones from every company will include artificial intelligence (AI) software, a radical change.

Chinese smartphone company Huawei claims the addition of AI will take the smartphone from simply smart to intelligent. AI will fundamentally change our phones, letting us interact with helpful assistants that learn along the way.

3. USB-C Adoption

Smartphone manufacturers have been reluctant to introduce new charging adapters due to widespread adoption of legacy charging equipment. In 2018, however, leading smartphone manufacturers including Apple and Android will begin to utilize standard USB-C charging connections.

What does USB-C mean? Faster charging. USB-C connections are faster than current charging cables. Additionally, with smartphone giants like the iPhone and Galaxy devices using USB-C connections, you’ll no longer need to have a separate charger for every device.

4. Innovative Fingerprint Scanners

Unlocking your phone with your fingerprint is now the norm – but fingerprint sensors are getting even smarter in 2018. But with smartphone screens getting bigger, the fingerprint sensor poses a problem for those who love it.

Fortunately, manufacturers working with Samsung reveal that this year’s newest smartphones will include brand new innovations for fingerprint sensors. Forget putting your thumb over a button. You’ll simply touch the screen to unlock the phone of the near future. 2018’s new phones will manage to be entirely screen on their face, with hidden and more sensitive fingerprint unlocking.

5. Remote Wireless Charging

Charging cables are clumsy and difficult to use in public places, so smartphone manufacturers have been introducing wireless charging capabilities in recent years. But wireless charging is going to become even easier in the months ahead.

Both Apple and Samsung are developing remote wireless charging capabilities for their smartphones. Soon, it’ll be possible to wirelessly charge your smartphone while it’s a significant distance away from a charging station. You could charge your phone from rooms away, or even use a friend’s charger without setting down your device.

Look for The Latest Smartphone Features Coming Soon

Are you ready for a smartphone upgrade? If you’ve been waiting to trade in your current phone for a newer, more exciting model, 2018 is the year to do so. With upgrades ahead that will take smartphones to new heights, devices from both the biggest names in the marketplace to newcomers offering budget phones.

And these aren’t the only new innovations ahead. With smartphones becoming increasingly more competitive, the race to create the coolest, most technologically advanced is only picking up speed. In no time at all, you could have a smartphone in your hands that’s entirely wireless, able to use AI and augmented reality, and so much more.

Featured Tip

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