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Affordable Products That Help with Back Pain While Working from Home

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By Christopher Brown

Working from home has a lot of benefits. Just ask someone lucky enough to land a remote job. The lack of commute, flexible working hours, and money saved on cheap coffee alone are enough for most people. There are drawbacks though. The isolation, lack of structure, and blurred lines between home and work life just don’t work for some people.

A lot of people’s home office set ups aren’t exactly ergonomic either. Even if you’ve moved on from your dinner table, working long hours in less-than-ideal conditions can have an impact. While a $2,000 ergonomic office chair might not be in the cards, there are lots of budget and back friendly products that sure can help.

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A Lumbar Support Cushion

Poor posture contributes to low back pain in a major way. Hours spent sitting the wrong way has a tendency to manifest into chronic pain and prolonged discomfort. Those that experience significant lower back pain following a long drive or an unyielding work day may be able to relieve their discomfort with addition of a lumbar support cushion.

Lumbar support cushions help fine tune the ergonomic support provided by your chair at a fraction of the cost of replacing it outright.

One from Everlasting Comfort can be used in a car or office chair. Plus, it costs only $39.99.1

A Foam Roller

Establishing and maintaining a targeted foam rolling routine at home can do wonders for the health of the neck, shoulders and back. These widely available foam cylinders can:

There are an abundance of foam roller choices available online, many of which cost less than $20. This LuxFit foam roller could be yours for only $16.50.2

A Kneeling Chair

They might not look like much, but kneeling chairs are fantastic tools for anyone looking to retrain their posture. The chair’s unique design causes the pelvis to tilt forward and brings the spine into proper alignment naturally. When used long term, they’ve been credited with improved back and core strength.

The cost of kneeling chairs and kneeling stools can be as high as $300, though there are plenty of affordable options. This ergonomic kneeling stool from Boss Office Products is available on Amazon for $81.80.3

A Monitor Stand

The height of your monitor may seem insignificant, but an incorrectly positioned monitor means bad things for your posture. You shouldn’t have to look up or down to properly view your monitor. An adjustable monitor stand can help add a level of customization, and a few extra inches, to ensure that your monitor remains level with your eyes.

Monitor stands are incredibly affordable. This WALI Monitor Stand Riser can be yours for just $15.98.4

An Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Acupressure mats have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help relieve:

Not to be confused with acupuncture, acupressure mats use a collection of plastic nubs to stimulate pressure points all over the back and neck. Research is limited, but there is some scientific evidence of its ability to relieve pain.

Even better, these mats are very reasonably priced . This Sivan back and neck pain relief acupressure mat and pillow set can be yours for just $30.49.5

A Foot Rest

It may seem like the last thing that can help your back is a foot rest, but ergonomics is holistic. A foot rest can help:

They are especially helpful for those below average height.

The internet is full of affordable options, so choosing the right one is heavily dependent on personal preference. This fully adjustable Huanua foot rest only costs $34.99 on Amazon.6

The BetterBack

Featured on Shark Tank and funded by 30,000 backers on Kickstarter comes this simple, affordable, and effective posture improvement product. The BetterBack uses a combination of comfortable straps and pads to help you retrain your body’s default posture in as little as 15 minutes.

Better yet, it’s just $59.99 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.7


You don’t have to blow your budget to help ease your back pain. A few minor adjustments to your workspace and some affordable back-friendly products can make a world of difference to your overall back health.

The best part, there are always new products hitting the internet every single day. So, be sure to never stop looking for new, innovative, and affordable products that help with back pain while working from home.

Christopher Brown