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Everything You Need to Know About the Xbox Series X/S

The goodwill that Phil Spencer and the Xbox team have cultivated these past six years puts the company’s next generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, in a much better position than their predecessor. Launching on November 10, 2020, these consoles will hopefully bring the Xbox brand back to the forefront of the industry.

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Ranking the 5 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

Is your monthly cell phone bill totaling hundreds of dollars? That’s a huge expense – one that adds up to thousands of dollars per year, just on one single bill. That’s why some people are successfully searching online for ways to cut their bills in half or more.

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7 Exciting Interactive Learning Websites for Kids Stuck at Home

Getting your kid to do school work can be a chore. Video games, television and endless content on YouTube can dominate their attention span, leaving little motivation for anything educational. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that hard – you simply need to find the right kinds of learning-based activities. There are interactive experiences available…

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Why More People Are Getting Alcohol Delivered

As fun as it can be to visit bars and parties, drinking from the comfort of your own home can be just as enjoyable. And with alcohol delivery services, you don’t even have to head to the liquor store to buy your drink of choice anymore. It’s as easy as picking a service, selecting your…

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12 Extremely Difficult Puzzles You Can Attempt to Complete

One of the most popular current pastimes for Americans is surprisingly old school: jigsaw puzzles. In 2020, the demand for puzzles has skyrocketed by 370 percent, and it doesn’t seem like the popularity will be slowing down anytime soon. Puzzles come in all shapes, sizes and difficulties, making it a perfect game for anyone to…

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Best Vitamin Brands for People Over 50

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There are a lot of factors that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. A clean diet, regular exercise and a proper amount of sleep each night are some of the basics. Something you shouldn’t forget about either is making sure you’re getting a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Your vitamin intake becomes a…

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