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Best Affordable Ductless Air Conditioners to Save You From the Summer Heat

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By Chelsea Dolan

Forget about duct or window AC units — a mini ductless system is the way to go. Unlike traditional AC, you can efficiently cool certain parts of the house rather than kind-of-cool the entire house. It’s also easy to customize since invasive ductwork is not necessary. Better yet, it’s cheaper than traditional HVAC and safer for the environment.¹ Find out why more people are making the switch to ductless AC by searching online.

There are a variety of ductless AC units to choose from that range in size, price, and quality. Start comparing your options with an online search.

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Here are some of the best ductless AC systems for modest budgets.

Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split Inverter AC System

Price: $274²

Cool your home down to 5°F with the mini-split AC system from Klimaire. This system includes everything you need including an indoor and outdoor unit, 15 foot installation kit, and other necessary accessories.

Its auto-clean function efficiently cleans and dries the evaporator so it’s ready to go for your next use. Plus, it’s a quiet machine that you’ll forget is even there. Moreover, enjoy other helpful settings such as turbo operations, sleep mode, automatic restart, and follow-me functioning.

MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

Price: $1,441.99³

Those looking for a simple yet effective ductless AC will like this one from MRCOOL. This quiet machine has decibel levels ranging from 23.5 to 38 dB. Plus, its fan can be adjusted to low, medium, and high.

Another cool feature is the Follow Me function. It directs air flow to your location wherever you go and keeps you cool anywhere it’s installed. There is also a Sleep Mode that offers a quiet setting and keeps you cool throughout the night.

This unit is easy for any amateur to hook up. The kit includes 25 feet of pre-charged DIY installation kit. Some of the items you’ll have to put together include mounting plate, anchor, fixing screws, remote control, and other necessary tools.

MRCOOL units are corrosion resistant and come with an alarm for low coolant levels and leaks. Plus, you can fully control this Energy Star rated device from your smartphone or with your Alexa or Google Assistant.

PIONEER Multi Zone Concealed Ducted Indoor Section AC

Price: $518⁴

Customize your home’s AC with this affordable system from PIONEER. You’re able to choose from a 10 to 50 foot installation kit, allowing you to buy a ductless AC that can serve most home sizes. It features copper refrigeration lines, communication wire, 10 foot drain hose, wall cap, sleeve, and putty to get your system built.

Some of the other items included with this kit are an indoor unit, wireless remote, and user-friendly installation kit. You also get your money’s worth thanks to the five year parts and compressor limited warranty.

Senville SENA-12HF/Z

Price: $1,399.99⁵

Save up to 50 percent on energy costs every year with this ductless mini split air conditioner from Senville. It’s an Energy Star certified machine with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. It’s designed to reduce energy usage without sacrificing comfortability.

The easy-to-use installation kit means you don’t have to pay extra for a professional to hook up your AC. The kit comes with a pre-charged refrigerant and all the necessary piping to start building your system.

Some cool features the AC system has are self-cleaning, leak detection, and diagnostic display. This Wi-Fi enabled system allows you to control your air conditioner from anywhere in the world using your Android or iOS device.

Daikin 17 Series Single Zone Inverter Wall-Mounted System

Price: $1,119⁶

Consume less energy while keeping your living space cool with this wall-mounted system from Daikin. Use the POWERFUL button on the remote to give the system a 20 minute boost in cooling or heating power.

One of its defining features includes ECO Intelligent, a configuration that balances energy consumption and adjusts airflow so it doesn’t blow onto people directly. Set your desired temperature and it will automatically adjust to the level with efficient energy consumption in this mode.

The outdoor unit is built with a special coating to resist salt damage, corrosion, and other atmospheric conditions. Find out what else this system offers with an online search.

Purchase Affordable Ductless AC Systems Online

Ductless air condition systems are an efficient way to stay cool in hot climates. These systems can save you money in the long run and lower your carbon footprint.

You might even be able to get tax credit by owning high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. This applies to those who purchased and installed a ductless mini-split system between 2018 and 2021. Qualifying buyers could get a maximum credit of $300 on their next tax return.⁷

People who don’t have hundreds of dollars immediately available may prefer to pay off their ductless AC over time. Some retailers, such as Home Depot, may offer payment plans. This means you can make small monthly payments until the unit is paid off, instead of paying one lump sum.

Search online now to purchase a ductless air conditioning system. Compare what each system includes and make sure it’s big enough to cool your desired square footage at home.

Chelsea Dolan