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The 4 Best Plant Delivery Services Right Now

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By Chelsea Dolan

Whether you’re a plant novice or looking to grow your collection, there are plenty of businesses that can deliver new plants straight to your home. You can shop for all types of plants and even receive detailed care advice on how to keep your plant alive. Some businesses even offer subscriptions, meaning you can have new plants delivered to you on the regular at various costs. Search online to discover plant delivery services that send you plants for an affordable price.

If you’re in the market for easy plants, seasonal plants, or even weird plants, you’ll be able to find it online. And you can have these plants delivered right to your door. Search online to browse the different delivery options available.

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Here are four of the best plant delivery services you can try right now.

1. Leaf & Clay

There are hundreds of succulents available to purchase from Leaf & Clay. You can shop a regular order or sign up for one of their three subscription plans. Each plan will give you a new pack of three 2.5 inch succulents only available to Plant Mail Club Members. There is also an option to add a heat pack to your order, which is a warming insert that can protect plants from freezing weather during shipping.

The subscriptions available to purchase are:

Leaf & Clay customers can get free shipping on orders over $59. Plus, new customers can score 15 percent off their first order by signing up for the Leaf & Clay newsletter.¹

2. Bloomscape

An excellent option for people looking for guidance in their plant caretaking is Bloomscape. The plant retailer not only has a variety of items sold on its website, but an entire learning center of A to Z guides on caring for specific plants. Everything you buy comes straight from a Bloomscape greenhouse and is shipped directly. This means your plants won’t spend days in uncontrolled environments but instead be delivered in healthy and thriving condition.

You can purchase edible plants starting at $35. Some of them include mint, micro tomato, lavender, cat grass, and spicy herbs. There are also indoor plants you can add to your collection such as a Zenzi Plant, Tabletop Norfolk Pine, Parlor Palm, Coconut Palm, and many more. Each plant is sold in a variety of pot colors, so it’s easy to shop for a style that matches your home’s aesthetic. Customers can get free shipping on orders over $75.²

3. The Sill

The Sill is your one-stop-shop for anything plant related. This company sells both live and faux plants, as well as pots and accessories to help plants seamlessly fit into your home. You can shop curated selections that are best for low light, best for beginners, and best for pet owners. The site makes it easy to shop for others too with Holiday and Best Seller selections.

Consider signing up for the Plant Parent Club. For $39 a year, you can get free standard shipping on all orders and 10 percent off purchases. You can also get exclusive access to new events The Sill offers.

The Sill has a plant care section on the website that gives you advice and resources in keeping your plants healthy and alive. Plus, there are workshops you can sign up for to help you learn how to be a pet parent and create your own art projects. You can get 10 percent off your first order simply by signing up for their newsletter.³

4. UrbanStems

Gift yourself or a loved one a plant from UrbanStems. This company sells on-trend flowers and designer arrangements allowing you to find an arrangement that meets your plant preference. They sell a rotating selection of seasonal bouquets and gifts. UrbanStems offers same-day delivery in New York City and DC, while everywhere else in the country can get next-day delivery.

UrbanStems has a subscription service that can bring fresh flowers to your doorstep either weekly, biweekly, or monthly. There are three plans to choose from:

The classic and season plans will give you a free glass vase on your first delivery. Luxe subscribers will receive a curated vase with every delivery. You’ll also get free shipping on each order and save up to 25 percent on each delivery, depending on the plan and bouquet sent to you.⁴

Discover More Plant Delivery Services Online

Make your home a greener a place by ordering some high quality plants online. These four delivery services have wide selections sold at a variety of price points and necessary levels of care. Consider signing up for a subscription to have a steady delivery of new plants or search online to shop a custom order.

Chelsea Dolan