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8 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser More Fun

4 minute read

By Chelsea Dolan

Nearly three billion people have Google Chrome as their default browser and around 10 million of those users have at least one extension downloaded.¹ Chrome Extensions are web programs that can customize the user experience. Whether it be with helpful widgets, browser designs, or games, there are a bunch to choose from allowing you to personalize your Chrome browser. While there are plenty of extensions to help you be productive, there are also extensions that can make browsing the internet a lot of fun.

If you don’t already have Google Chrome on your computer, then you will have to install it before accessing these extensions. Then you’ll be able to pick and choose which extensions to add to your browser.

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Here are eight Chrome extensions to make your browser more fun.

1. Custom Cursor

Change up your pointy mouse for something more creative using the Custom Cursor extension. There are over 100 different cursors to choose from for free. You can easily browse the different cursors available under categories that include animals, holidays, animals, colors, food, and more.²

If you can’t find a cursor you like, Custom Cursor allows you to make your own. All you have to do is choose your image and upload it to preview how it would look. This means you can turn anything into your cursor such as your favorite character, symbol, pet, or even your own face!

2. Dark Mode

Divide your computer usage into day and night by using Dark Mode. This extension will quickly turn your browser from its normal color palette into dark mode. A switch will appear on your toolbar allowing you to easily toggle between screen styles. Users are able to customize what they want to appear in dark mode. For example, you can exclude certain domains from appearing in dark mode by visiting the options page.³

3. Virtual Movie Theater

The Virtual Movie Theater extension is the easiest way to enjoy a movie or television show for friends and family. It works in two ways — you can host watch parties either live on your webcam and put on your own show, or stream media that everyone can watch together at the same time. This browser supports Netflix, Disney+, HBO, hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, and more. This means you can have a virtual movie night with friends, without having to meet with each other in person.⁴

4. BattleTabs

Turn opening a new tab into an adventure using the BattleTabs extension on Google Chrome. You’ll be able to battle with viking ships all in your browser tab to blow some steam during the school or work day. The games take a few seconds to partake in and you can even play with friends in multiple matches.⁵

5. Octoshop

Online shoppers will love saving money with OctoShop. This extension helps you find the best price on items by searching for cheaper price tags from other retailers. Octopshop can also send you notifications for when sold out items come back in stock or show you other retailers that currently have that in their inventory.⁶

6. Tabby Cat

Animal lovers will appreciate this Chrome extension. After downloading Tabby Cat, an adorable animated cat will greet you whenever you open a new tab. Each time it will be someone new with a cute name and brightly colored background. If you come across a tabby cat you don’t want to forget, then take a snapshot to save it.⁷

7. Toucan

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Then you should download Toucan. This free web app can teach you Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese and French by translating key words and phrases on websites you browse. Toucan will highlight words and translate them in the language of your choice. There are various levels of difficulty and you can track your progress to see how many words you’ve learned.⁸

8. Paint Tool

Turn your web pages into a work of art using the Paint Tool extension on Chrome. You can draw anything you want directly on the webpage at any time. This can be practical for anyone wanting to highlight important texts or make notes because you can easily save them using the screenshot tool. You can also just doodle for fun using one of the many creative tools at your disposal.⁹

Search Online For More Chrome Extensions

There are thousands of extensions you can install to customize your Chrome browser. Whether you want something for entertainment or seeking widgets to help you be more productive while you’re online, the Chrome Web Store has no shortage of options. Start a search online to see what else you can find for your browser.

Chelsea Dolan