Considering Dropping Your Cable Provider? Here’s 4 Ways to Reduce Your Cable Bill

Has your cable bill recently skyrocketed? Are you suddenly paying more for the same TV channels and service you’ve had for years?

The cost of cable TV is rising, increasing monthly bills by hundreds of dollars. It’s because millions of cable TV subscribers turn to streaming.

Cable companies are scrambling. They’re facing a downward spiral that spells disaster–and they’re growing desperate. Cable providers need to make money, and they’re raising your rates in response.

This is good news for you. You can use this current trend to your advantage. Don’t stand for your new, more expensive cable rates. Don’t cancel your cable; you don’t have to lose your favorite channels. You just need to lose that expensive monthly bill.

Cable companies can reduce your bill. They just don’t want you to know this. With the right knowledge, the right approach, your cable provider will be more likely to reduce your bill. Use one of the following methods to get your cable for significantly less.

Ways to Cut Down Your Cable Bill

1. Call the cancellation department

This department has one directive: keep you from canceling. The customer representatives there can offer you the best rates without even cutting down the number of channels. Tell them you want to cancel your subscription because you can no longer sustain the present rates.

2. Do away with channels you can do without

Just how many channels can you watch each day anyway? You have your favorite channels so ask your cable provider to trim down your plan. Another good idea is to unsubscribe to HBO if your favorite series (like Game of Thrones) is on break or ESPN if it’s the offseason for baseball.

3. Use a negotiator

Cable providers don’t want to give you their best deals, and they certainly don’t want you to get a discount of any kind. So, sometimes you need to call in a more powerful, more convincing person: a negotiator. Third-party companies like Bill Fixers and Shrink a Bill are designed to help you renegotiate any bills, like cable TV, that are too expensive. These companies will handle the haggling for you–and they’re effective. They’ve earned customers bonuses of more than $200 and reduced monthly bills by $10-$20.

4. Look online for best rates

Competition from the streaming sector forces paid TV providers to offer attractive packages to lure in new customers. If you can’t bargain for a better package from your cable company, it’s probably the best time to change providers. Remember to browse using incognito mode so Google won’t give you the package similar to yours. Hit the button at the bottom of this page to find the best deals in your area, comparison shopping is by far the best way to get leverage to negotiate your bill down.

Here’s how people are getting started:

  1. Run a search
  2. Select a related category
  3. Learn about the latest ad offers and info from multiple providers

Featured Tip

Considering cutting the cable cord? You aren’t alone. By the start of 2018, 22 million people had already ditched their cable companies according to Variety.