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Send Flowers to Someone You Love on a Budget

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By natadm

When was the last time that you sent flowers to someone you love? Chances are that it’s been a while. Whether to a family member, romantic partner, or anybody, flowers are a physical representation of care, kindness, sympathy, and love. They can brighten someone’s day, get them out of a slump, and add a general note of positivity to anyone’s life.

The problem is that sending flowers is somewhat of a forgotten art. Where we used to send someone flowers, we now whip out our phone and send them a nice text.

Despite seeming like more effort, there are actually plenty of great reasons to still send loved ones flowers in this day and age.

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Why You Should Send Flowers to Loved Ones

It’s a Welcomed Change of Pace

Whether you’re wishing someone happy birthday or sending your condolences, it’s so easy to do so by sending them a text, leaving a comment on their social media, or giving them a quick call. What used to warrant an in-person, albeit short, conversation or a small gift has now almost entirely been replaced by texts like “Congrats” or “Happy for you”.

As a result, sending someone a physical gift like flowers means so much more in this digital age. To the person receiving those flowers, it means that you went through the trouble of purchasing flowers and mailing it to them. Instead of taking the two seconds it would take to send a text

This effort can be seen as an extra labor of love and make your flowers that much more powerful.

Flowers Cover All Your Bases

Flowers say that you’re sorry, happy, celebratory, and everything in between. Instead of stressing out about the perfect gift to express exactly what you want to express to your loved one, you can simply send them their favorite kind of flowers.

Even if your message is slightly misinterpreted — something that can be fixed with an attached letter — it’s unlikely that the recipient of your flowers will take them in a negative way.

It Can Reignite Feelings

Even if it is the result of decades of romantic comedies portraying flowers as the ultimate romantic savior, that doesn’t make flowers as a way to resolve and reignite feelings any less true. If you know you’re in the wrong, can’t communicate in words how you feel, or simply want to patch things up quickly, a surprise bundle of flowers shows that you care about them and want to make things better.

It’s a Lasting Reminder to Someone That You Care About Them

A box of chocolates can disappear in minutes. However, a bundle of flowers, if taken care of correctly, can last a whole lot longer. This means that your loved ones can relive the positive feelings of first receiving their flowers. Even better, they can be constantly reminded by the sight of their flowers that they’re cared about.

Flowers are a lasting physical symbol of care and love that your loved one can look to whenever they have a bad day at work, are feeling gloomy, or just need a pick-me-up.1

Best Flower Services in the UK


Price: £20 to £230

If you’re looking for hand-crafted, elegant arrangements made of flowers mainly grown in the UK, same-day delivery for London residents, and next-day delivery for the rest of the UK, then Appleyard is the perfect no-frills flower service.2


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Acting as an umbrella network that links customers with artisanal, independent florists across the UK, Floom offers one of the most luxurious flower services on the market. Simply type in the postcode of whoever you want to receive your flowers and Floom will show you which florists are available to deliver in their area. It also doesn’t hurt that your first delivery is free.3

Bloom & Wild

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Bloom & Wild offers beautiful letterbox flowers with free next-day delivery across the UK. Its entry packages include alstroemeria, stocks, and seasonal foliage. On the other end of the spectrum, its higher-end packages include amaryllis, red roses, pussy willow, scabiosa, thistles, hypericum berries, and much more.4