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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Threads

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By Christopher Brown

In life, change is the only constant. That’s especially evident in the social media space. It feels like, with each passing month, there comes a new “game-changing” social media platform destined to soak up more of our collective downtime. The latest and hottest social media topic is Instagram Threads. The oft-described “Twitter killer” has grown exponentially, as has the positive feedback. Don’t get left behind. Instead, read more online and learn everything you need to know about Instagram Threads.

Shutterstock: Diego Thomazini

What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads is a standalone, text-based conversation app developed by Instagram for users to share pictures, messages, and videos with their followers and those they follow.1

Launched in 2023, Threads was designed as an intimate space to communicate and share updates with your most cherished circle on Instagram. The app connects directly with Instagram, allowing users to maintain their favorite contacts separate from their broader follower list.

Setting Up Instagram Threads

Getting started with Instagram Threads is a breeze. Download the app from your device’s application store and log in using your Instagram credentials.2 It really is as simple as that! Once set up, Threads will reveal a text-based interface featuring trending topics, the latest posts, and highlights from your friends list.

Using Instagram Threads

The shiny new communications app from parent company META is actually really easy to use. Those familiar with Instagram will recognize the minimalist interface immediately.

Once signed up and logged on, you can write, share, and repost pictures, video, and text-based posts immediately. Or, if you’re the scrolling type, you can find and follow your top friends and favorite influencers with ease.

The Pros and Cons of Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads offer a number of benefits, particularly the ability to cultivate a more intimate social media space.3 With Threads, you can post real-time, text-based updates along with photos, videos, and audio clips.

A few of the early pros include:

It’s not all pictures and comments of sunshines and rainbows though. Some of the earliest and most frustrating drawbacks include:

The need to manage another social media app is yet another reason a lot of people remain hesitant. Still, Threads remains one of the most talked about social media platforms in the world right now and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

Instagram Threads Competitors

Social media is a competitive space, made that much more crowded by the recent launch of Instagram Threads. The platform’s major competitors include:

Stay Connected

Instagram Threads has managed to stand out in a crowded space that includes some big competitors and META’s pre-existing platforms. There’s no telling how long the hype will last. Still, it’s hard to ignore the text-based platform’s early success.

Instagram Threads has a lot of people excited about the future of social media. It certainly has us paying attention. Either way, we’ll be following along the Instagram Threads saga, so be sure to check back and dive in on all things Threads.

Christopher Brown