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Everything You Need to Know About Meta Quest 3

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By Christopher Brown

Anyone who has been paying attention has seen technology reshape our lives in unexpected ways, over and over again. The proliferation of virtual reality (VR) technology is yet another revolutionary new medium with the potential to change things yet again. Technology giant Meta has invested heavily in this space for years now, and their latest headset is generating a ton of buzz. Meta Quest three hits the market this fall, and though we don’t have all of the details just yet, we know enough to get on the preorder list. Today, we’ll walk you through the most important details to bring you up to speed on all things Quest 3.

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What’s New in the Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 has brought a range of new features and improvements compared to its predecessor, the Quest 2. Lighter, more comfortable, and faster than ever before, Quest 3 boasts twice the graphics performance and a profile that’s 40% thinner.1

The device’s refreshed design features three prominent sensors centered just above the wearer’s nose. These sensors aren’t just there to look pretty. In fact, the new sensors represent a significant improvement boost to movement tracking and the ability to see full color when in pass-through mode.2

The Software and Ecosystem

What truly sets the Meta Quest 3 apart from its competition is the Meta software ecosystem. The Quest 3 has access to a vast array of applications and games in the Meta Quest Store, with new ones added regularly. These range from popular games to educational experiences and VR social networks.

The Quest 3 has been designed to support full backward compatibility, meaning all your favorite games and apps from the Quest 2 can be used on the new device. As if that isn’t enough, the tech mogul’s brand new Quest Plus subscription service grants users access to an impressive library of games for a modest fee of $7.99 a month.3

The Hardware of Meta Quest 3

The backbone of Meta’s latest VR headset is the all new Snapdragon chip. The new Qualcomm chip doubles performance numbers set by the Quest 2. The device comes with a base storage of $128GB, but users will have the option to increase the unit’s storage capacity at launch. Sadly we know very little about the new device’s resolution capabilities, but we expect to learn more ahead of the device’s Q4 launch.

The Cost of Meta Quest 3

Meta isn’t keeping the cost of their all-new VR device secret. The base price will be $499. To lower the cost of entry, Meta has announced that they’ll be lowering the cost of the Quest 2 by $100, tot $299 a unit.

If that sounds steep, then you haven’t been paying attention. Even at $499, the Quest 3 is easily one of the most cost effective ways to enjoy VR. Playstation’s VR2 starts at $549 and requires a $500 gaming console to power it. On the other hand, Apple’s Vision Pro costs as much as seven Quest 3s, or $3,499.

The Future of Virtual Reality

With the release of the Meta Quest 3, Meta has positioned itself firmly at the forefront of the VR landscape. The device’s sophisticated technology and expanding software ecosystem showcase a clear vision for the future of VR – a future where VR devices are more than just gaming accessories, they’re gateways to new experiences, modes of learning, and means of communication.

The Quest 3 symbolizes a significant leap forward in the VR industry. It raises the bar for what consumers can expect from VR, from the quality of graphics and the breadth of available content to the ease and comfort of use. It lets users experience VR without the need for a costly gaming console or a performance-built PC. Safe to say the future of virtual reality is bright.

Learn More Today

Meta Quest 3 is a compelling exploration of the potential of VR. Its enhanced features, powerful software ecosystem, and improved design make it a standout device in the VR market. The future of VR has never been more promising, but stiff competition makes for a fierce battle for VR supremacy.

There’s no telling which of the major players will emerge victorious. What we can say is that the Meta Quest 3, and its more affordable younger brother the Quest 2, serve as suitable entry points for those looking to take the VR plunge.

Christopher Brown