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Here’s How Teeth Aligners Can Restore Senior Smiles

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By Chelsea Dolan

Seniors who once had perfect teeth in adulthood could notice changes as they grow older. While around three-quarters of people over 65 still have their natural teeth, it’s normal for some health issues to come up.1 One of those issues is shifting teeth. Orthodontics Limited says that as the bones grow weaker, teeth gradually begin to shift inwards and turn. If you’re experiencing this, you can search online to find out ways to help straighten your teeth.

One solution to this problem is teeth aligners. This is an effective, affordable, and easy way for seniors to regain confidence in their smiles. An online search will tell you more about what the results from teeth aligners can achieve.

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If you want to restore your smile, here’s how teeth aligners can help.

What Are Teeth Aligners?

Teeth aligners are a less intensive version of braces. It involves the use of plastic-aligning trays that put pressure on the teeth. That pressure moves them slowly over a designated period of time.

Unlike braces, you can take teeth aligners on and off. Teeth aligners will eventually straighten your teeth to the point where you will no longer have to wear them.2 It’s an effective solution whether you’re looking to fix only a few teeth or your entire mouth.

Invisalign is a popular brand of clear teeth aligners. It’s a discreet way for adults to improve their smile, without having to commit to braces. Invisalign should be worn at all times except while eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing.

The amount of time it takes for your teeth to become uncrooked will depend on if you’re following the orthodontist’s recommendations. The longer you wear your aligners, the sooner you’re on track to straightening your teeth. Keeping your aligners off for an hour will not cause a huge delay, but progress can be slowed down if you forget or choose not to wear them for longer periods of time.

How Teeth Aligners Can Help Seniors

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth. There are lots of benefits for seniors when it comes to using teeth aligners.

For starters, it’s low maintenance — yet equally effective way — to straighten teeth without having to get braces.3 This means no uncomfortable wires or brackets that will cut up your gums. Plus, they are equally effective as braces and might even achieve results in a shorter time frame.

Another positive thing about aligners is how they are nearly invisible in appearance. People usually won’t notice them in person, and they most likely won’t be seen in pictures. Straight teeth can give you a youthful appearance, which might be a goal for some seniors.

And since aligners are not permanently attached to your teeth, you can take them off at your leisure to eat comfortably. Brushing and flossing will also be easier since the aligner is supposed to be removed during your regular hygiene routine.

The Cost of Teeth Aligners

Over nine million people have taken advantage of Invisalign. While it does come at a cost, you may be able to get it partially paid for through your insurance. In fact, Invisalign promotes that insurance can cover up to $3,500.4

There are three ways you can pay for Invisalign: through your insurance provider, with pre-tax dollars from your FSA or HSA, or by arranging a monthly payment plan with your doctor.5 Each patient receives face-to-face care with their doctor and custom-made aligners fitted to meet your dental needs.

The Consumer Guide to Dentistry says the national average for Invisalign is anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.6 The cost of your Invisalign will depend on how intensive and how long the treatment takes.7 This can vary from person to person, so you will need to consult with a specialist to find out what your quote is.

Another company that provides affordable teeth aligners is Smile Direct Club. Their services include free video chats, aligner replacement, treatment notifications, and more. There are two ways to pay for your teeth aligners:

  1. With one single fee of $1,950; or
  2. A monthly payment of $89 for 24 months and a $250 deposit.

Customers may also qualify for partial coverage under their insurance plan. Smile Direct Club accepts HSA, FSA, and CareCredit.8

One last company to check out is Candid. To get started with this company, all you need to do is send a picture of your teeth. Better yet, you can try Candid for only $30 with a full refund if you’re not eligible.9

If you choose to go with Candid, payment plans go as low as $79 a month with a $299 down payment or you can opt for a no money down, zero percent APR plan. Since Candid has an in-network with several insurance providers, you can get up to $1,300 off your teeth aligner.10

Find Out More About Teeth Aligners Online

Seniors have options when it comes to straightening their teeth with aligners is one of them. It’s a non-invasive, affordable, and easy method that can improve specific teeth or your entire mouth. Teeth aligners are also a much more discreet treatment compared to traditional braces.

If you’re thinking of getting teeth aligners, talk to your dentist or orthodontist. They can explain to you in detail how it works and give you information about your specific needs. You may also be able to get it covered by insurance depending on your health plan.

Start a search online to learn more about teeth aligners. You can find out how much it costs, whether it’s covered by your insurance plan, and other important information.

Chelsea Dolan