Here’s Why You Should Install Smart Locks and Ditch Your Keys

Forget carrying a jumble of keys–in today’s digital age, smart locks are on the rise. You no longer need a key for your front door, your back door, your neighbor’s house, or any other traditional lock. In fact, you don’t need a key at all. You just need your smartphone and a smart lock.

Although they sound futuristic, smart locks are appearing everywhere. These technologically advanced security devices allow homeowners to remotely access and control who enters their home. Keyless entry is the new way to lock and unlock your door right from your cell phone.

It’s no wonder that smart locks have become so popular over recent years. Smart locks feature upgraded safety and ease of monitoring. You control who enters your home and who has a “key.”

Here are 5 reasons you should stop using traditional keys and switch to smart locks.

1. Smart Locks are Easier to Use

Though smart locks were once clunky to use, technological advances have made them easier and more secure than traditional locks.

There are so many different smart lock options and kits now available. Today’s smart locks are simpler and more straightforward, designed to be used with ease. A smart lock fits right over your existing deadbolt, making installation and setup a breeze. You don’t need to replace any of your existing hardware or make any changes to your home’s doors.

2. Smart Locks Offer Maximum Security

Worried that the Bluetooth technology of smart locks makes them prone to hackers and security flaws? A smart lock system is actually more secure than your current deadbolt and door lock.

Smart locks use Bluetooth to synch your smartphone and your door. This is how they make keyless entry possible. Bluetooth compatibility actually offers homeowners increased safety? This technology requires that the person with a keyless entry code remains in close proximity to your smart lock.

Your door can’t be unlocked from a distance; anyone, including you, who attempts to unlock your door will not be able to unless they’re standing right in front of it.

Additionally, you no longer need to hand out a physical key to people who need temporary access to your home. Smart locks allow you to simply send an electronic keyless entry code to those you need to give temporary access to–and once their job is done, you can remove them from your list of authorized guests. If your handyman or housekeeper needs to get into your home while you’re away, you can authorize them via a smart lock once, once per week, or even more often with a special code.

3. Smart Locks are Compatible with Smart Home Systems

If you’re one of the many homeowners who rely on the Amazon Echo and Google Home to run your hands-free household efficiently, smart locks sync perfectly with your high-tech “assistants.” Of course, the creators of smart locks had this in mind as they developed these new keyless entry gadgets.

Smart locks can be easily integrated with other smart home hubs and management systems, such as the Echo, to add yet another layer of convenience and safety. You can unlock and lock your doors with a simple voice command (say, “Alexa, lock the front door”). You’ll also discover that your can set up your smart home hub to automatically turn on outdoor lights when the smart lock system is locked or unlocked, offering a whole-home benefit.

4. Smart Locks Integrate with Home Security Systems

Smart locks aren’t a replacement for a proper home security system, but they are an upgrade. They’re a helpful asset on top of full security systems designed to keep your home safe from intruders.

With a smart lock, only individuals who’ve been granted permission via a security code can enter your home. You can change your list of authorized individuals at any time, even from far away. If someone tries to enter your home by using a smart lock code that isn’t valid, the lock won’t budge–and your whole-home security system will be able to catch the intruder, whether via video footage or sensors.

5. Smart Locks are the Start of a Smart Home

As mentioned previously, homes are growing smarter as a whole. A smart lock is just one way in which your house can sync with your smartphone and be more efficient. From learning thermostats to smart home controlled lights, choose a smart lock and you’ll be one step closer to syncing your entire at-home environment.

Many smart locks on the market will allow you to integrate with other home automation systems, devices, and programs. For example, you could set your system up so that unlocking the front door adjusts your lighting and subsequently sets your thermostat to your preferred temperature. Everything is easier with a smart lock. Forget to lock the front bed before climbing into bed? Lock it right from your smartphone.

Set Up a Smart Lock for Endless Advantages

Smart locks are just one way that existing safety features you already rely upon can be enhanced with the use of modern technology. Designed to offer peace of mind, security, and convenience, a smart lock will allow you to confidently know your home is as safe as possible.

As a new technology, smart phones are still evolving and new iterations are consistently being released. Adopt a smart lock system in your home now, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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