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How To Pay Less For Tree Cutting Services

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By Chelsea Dolan

Tree cutting is a necessary task for homeowners. Old tree branches can potentially fall during a storm causing damage below, or you might need a tree completely removed because roots are disturbing the foundation of your home. Whatever the reason might be, tree cutting can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000.¹ The good news is you can search online for affordable tree cutting services.

If you need a tree trimmed or removed, there are some easy ways to save money and get it done. You can find plenty of local businesses online who specialize in this type of service.

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Here is how to pay less for tree cutting services.

Remove Trees During The Off-Season

Like most businesses, tree cutting services are busiest during certain parts of the year compared to others. Warmer seasons like spring and summer are peak seasons since people want their yards looking its best when sunny weather comes. The high demand also means you’ll be paying full price and high per tree rates.

Luckily, tree cutting can be done all year round. Consider hiring a professional to cut your tree down during cooler seasons like the fall or winter. You could save as much as 25 percent simply by getting a tree treated in the off-season.²

Do Some Of The Work Yourself

There are a number of factors that will determine the price of tree trimming and removal. Depending on the work you want done, the costs will vary. Ask for a breakdown of the business services to see exactly what you are being charged for. Some of these tasks might include timber cutting, chipping, pruning and more.

After learning the breakdown of your potential bill, pick and choose which services you want to get done by a professional and which ones you can manage on your own. For example, you could ask a company to cut the trees but leave the branches on site. Disposing of the branches yourself could get you a cheaper quote compared to having the branches trimmed and removed.³

Prioritize Different Tree Trims

If you have multiple trees in need of a trim, it might be more cost efficient to pay for one at a time. Businesses could end up charging you more money if they’re required to do a larger amount of work instead of smaller portions. Hire a tree trimmer to focus on major jobs in the yard and worry about less intensive jobs later on. The biggest problem will be out of your way, and your wallet will have a break between trims.

Ask If The City Will Do It For Free

Depending on where you live, your tree trimming could get done for free by the city. Municipalities typically own the grass between the sidewalk and the street. If a tree located there is in need of maintenance, you can request the city to trim it for free.⁴

Another way to get it removed for free is by advertising it online. People might volunteer to trim your tree themselves if they’re allowed to keep the wood and branches. It’s a win-win because they would get free wood to use for fire burning, and you would get your tree trimmed at no cost.

Compare Tree Cutting Services Online

Do some research before hiring a tree cutting service. Keeping your options open will allow you to find the best quality services and price.

When searching for business, avoid using trimmer services that pay for big ads online. The high cost of paid ads might inflate their prices and end up being one of the more expensive options. Make sure the company is local because businesses might charge more if the company is located further away.

Before hiring a business, here is what you can expect to spend when trimming 10 to 20 percent of branches on different sized trees.⁵

Make sure to ask for a cost breakdown and see if you can do any parts of the job yourself to save money. Remember that if the tree is sitting on property owned by the city, you could have it trimmed free of charge since you don’t own the land. Get at least three to four quotes before hiring a business to trim your tree

Chelsea Dolan