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How to Save Money on a Brand-New Mattress

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By Christopher Brown

Few financial decisions are as rewarding as upgrading a mattress. This one decision can lead to a plethora of benefits. On top of the obvious benefit of improving ones sleep, a new mattress can reduce stress, improve your immune system, and even help in losing weight.

Despite the ever-growing list of benefits, hesitation remains. Familiarity with the old bed, hectic schedules, and a steep sticker price win out more often than not. Waking up refreshed loses its luster when you’re greeted with a steep credit card bill.

Fortunately, for price conscious consumers, there are countless ways to save like a king on a brand new king-sized. Read ahead to learn the ways that you can save money on a brand-new mattress today.

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Monthly Payment Options

Financing options on mattresses and sleep products abound. Most retailers offer some variation on the “buy now, pay later” structure. Many of them do so at zero percent APR and without any hidden fees. Talk about sleeping easy.

Sweet Night

The decisionmakers at Sweet Night aim to simplify the consumer’s mattress selection process. They’ve made it their mission to make finding the right mattress easier and faster — and their website does a bang-up job.

Sweet Night is always slashing prices with seasonal deals and discounts but their “Sleep Now, Pay Later” financing program is truly sweet. Sleep comfortably and pay for your entire Sweet Night purchase comfortably over the course of eight-weeks with zero interest and no additional fees when you pay on time.1

Have your eye on a Sweet Night Dreamy memory foam mattress? Finance its $486 price tag across eight-weeks and pay just $60.75 a week.


It’s hard to imagine a world before Casper. They shook up the industry when they worked out a way to ship ultra-comfortable mattresses directly to their customers’ doorsteps. That wasn’t enough innovation for one company apparently because Casper offers financing options too.

With their, “Sleep now, pay over time” program, Casper will help you sleep worry and interest free right away. All you have to do is fill out a quick application and choose a new mattress to enjoy for as little as $91 per month at zero percent APR for six months. And don’t worry, Casper’s quick financing application won’t impact your credit.2

Mattress in a Box

Consider yourself lucky that the great mattress revolution happened before your current one gave out. Just consider what buying a mattress used to look like: limited product choices, commission sales staff, and exorbitant shipping costs. Let’s just say that change was well overdue.

That’s part of why the “Mattress in a Box” business model was so darn successful. More options, easy-to-navigate product options, giant savings, and free shipping? Sign us up.


Purple refuses to be outdone. If you’re looking for a mattress, the company has Queen size beds starting at $1,299 or as low as $82 a month.

Purple prides themselves on their pristine record of five-star customer reviews. They back it up too, with a 100-sleep return policy. Purple will even pay for your return to be picked up.

You’ll likely be drawn to at least one of Purple’s other sales though. In addition to their endless seasonal sales incentives and discounts, Purple offers payment plans started at zero APR. Moreover, those willing to sign up for email updates or text notifications can shave an additional $50 and $75 off the purchase price of their first Purple Mattress.3

Senior and Military Discounts

Qualifying consumers can count on even steeper price cuts. Active or retired military members and their spouses take heed. Seniors, students, first responders, and teachers may be eligible too. This isn’t something that all mattress sellers offer, but there are a few that do.


Launched in 2010, Saatva did away with the inflated prices, misleading marketing, and overbearing salespeople prevalent in the mattress industry at large in favor of an innovative online distribution model and fair prices. Today, the Saatva brand is synonymous with luxury, quality, and durability.

Mattress shoppers that don’t want to exercise their financing options can still save too. Saatva offers a year-round discount of $225 off purchases of $1,000 or more to a variety of groups. Military members and their spouses, healthcare professionals, first responders, government employees, teachers, students, and seniors all qualify.4

US Mattress

US Mattress boasts 27 retail stores across the country if you prefer a more conventional shopping experience. Not only can you test out the mattress in-store, but US Mattress also offers a 120-night comfort guarantee on every product that they sell and are committed to proving that their prices are always the best.5

Active military, veterans, retirees, and military spouses, as well as their immediate family members, can receive an immediate 10 percent discount on their US Mattress purchase. Some products are excluded, but that still leaves thousands of options for qualifying consumers.6

Dream On

See what we mean? The sticker price on even the most sought-after mattresses don’t always tell the whole tale. It’s important to remember that these are just a few ways to save money on a brand-new mattress, but they are always additional ways to save.

Price matching, sale hunting, coupon clipping, financing, and being proactive are all tried and tested ways to sleep easier in more ways than one. So be patient, shop around, and be on the lookout for the countless creative ways that the industry’s leading mattress companies are fighting for your hard-earned dollars.

Christopher Brown