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How Wedding Planners Can Help Couples Save Thousands Of Dollars

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By Chelsea Dolan

Not only can planning a wedding be stressful, but it’s also expensive. American couples spend an average of $24,723 for their wedding day, which is no small number.¹ To stay within budget for your wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner. These professionals can guide you through planning and help you save money in the process. You can find local wedding planners with a quick online search.

Hiring a wedding planner can be worth the investment. They’re experts in the field and can help you save money in ways you wouldn’t be able to by planning alone. Search online for wedding planners and discover the different services they can provide.

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Here is how you can save money using a wedding planner.

A Planner Makes Your Budget More Realistic

Setting a budget at the start of the wedding planning process is crucial. It requires you to think critically about how much you can afford to pay for the venue, food, entertainment and everything else. But it can be difficult for couples to understand how much their budget actually allows.

Wedding planners know exactly how much things cost and whether your budget can afford your desired elements. They can help you allocate the funds in a smart way to ensure each part of the wedding planning process has necessary funding and keep your expectations within your means.²

Without a wedding planner, you could end up blowing your budget on flowers alone. A wedding planner ensures you won’t run the risk of spending too much money on one detail. This means you won’t have to worry about dishing out more money to make up for overspending.

Repeat Business Could Mean Additional Savings

Wedding planners have a lot of experience in the industry and have networked with numerous venues, caterers, decorators and more. Planners will often have go-to vendors they’ve worked well with in the past to impress current clients.

Not only will wedding planners do repeat business with vendors because they know it’s a quality company, but also because they know it will fit your budget. Planners are able to negotiate on your behalf for a fair contract and can spot red flags from businesses that you might not notice.

If your wedding is out of town, then hiring a local wedding planner will save you the hassle of searching for quality vendors within your budget in unfamiliar territory. Ultimately, a wedding planner will get everything your wedding needs and make sure it stays within budget.³

Eliminate Last-Minute Costs

It’s recommended that couples without a planner should set aside money in their budget for last-minute costs that come up closer to the big day. That won’t be necessary with a wedding planner.

Planners will sweat the small stuff from day one and ensure each detail is accounted for well before your wedding day. Your wallet won’t suffer from extra losses on overlooked details because they have already everything through.

Wedding Planners Are Inexpensive Right Now

Although you have to pay wedding planners for their services, their time management and expertise could end up saving you more money in the long-run. The national average in 2019 for hiring a planner is $1,500, but you could spend less depending on a number of factors.⁴

There are different types of wedding planners you can choose from. If you want help from the start of planning, then you would pay more for a full-time planner. They will help you with everything from the color scheme, to the seating arrangements, to the venue and beyond.

There are other types of planners you might want to consider that will typically cost less.⁵ It’s ideal for the brides and grooms who can plan things on their own, but want help with certain tasks.

Think about how much help you want once you’re ready to start wedding planning. If you think you can handle the big stuff and would prefer help later on, consider hiring part-time help. If you don’t know where to start and want help with everything, a full-time planner might be worth the investment.

Wedding planners can not only help you save money, but they can make the wedding process more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about doing everything on your own and you will have an expert to rely on in guiding you through the details.

Search online to search for local wedding planners. At your first meeting, ask about their services and see if they will be able to give you a quote. This is your chance to learn more about them and ensure they will get you everything you need on the big day.

Chelsea Dolan