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Is Lemon8 Better Than Other Social Media Apps? Let’s Find Out!

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By Ryan Pratt

Lemon8 is the newest entry to the social media landscape, brought to U.S. audiences by TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance. Described by users as a hybrid between Instagram and Pinterest, Lemon8 is creating a niche for itself with many distinct features and focuses.

Within just a few months, this innovative app is taking social media users by storm. If you’re curious about Lemon8, you can learn exactly what it does well, and whether or not it can compete with social media titans like Facebook and Instagram.

Shutterstock: Veja

What Is Lemon8?

Lemon8 has rapidly emerged as an engrossing social media platform for sharing videos and photos. Having first been launched in Asian markets in 2020, Lemon8 has already established a firm footing in countries such as Thailand and Japan.

The app’s entry into the U.S. market in February was relatively quiet. However, once influencers began spotlighting Lemon8 and it began making the news, the app has been gaining in popularity. By early April 2023, over 290,000 Americans had downloaded the app – and most of them quite recently. 1

Essentially, Lemon8’s features are quite similar to those on TikTok. Its primary feed includes a “following” segment, which includes content from preferred creators, and a “For You” section that suggests other posts.

What Does Lemon8 Do?

What sets Lemon8 apart is its categorization of posts under different themes. Unlike the vertical scrolling video format used by TikTok, Lemon8 allows its users to delve deeper into specific topics. This provides a more focused approach to content sharing. 2

Currently, the app specializes in fashion, beauty, travel, and food, offering users a unique way to explore and engage with content. Each topic is teeming with an array of content styles – from suggestions and recommendations to seemingly interactive videos.

Users can interact with posts by liking, commenting, and sharing, which is reminiscent of Instagram’s user experience. Aesthetically, Lemon8 borrows from Pinterest and TikTok’s playbook, featuring a two-column grid layout that lends a visually appealing structure to the platform.

Furthermore, Lemon8 sets a high bar for aesthetics, with users striving to create and share visually stunning, meticulously curated content. As such, the platform is becoming a haven for those who may be tired of Instagram’s interface and visual filters.

What Makes Lemon8 Different?

Part of Lemon8’s appeal is its newness. Users report that the app – which despite being available to download, hasn’t been formally launched yet – has a genuine sense of community that other social media apps lack.

Unlike Instagram, which has been criticized for fostering a culture of manipulated videos and staged scenarios, the content on Lemon8 feels earnest. As a result, users feel more engaged and less disillusioned by the content they’re exposed to, especially if that content is focused on style and beauty.

The app even has significant differences from its sister-company, TikTok. Lemon8 diverges from the video-centric format of TikTok, placing a greater emphasis on pictures and comprehensive text. Its unique dual-column layout includes a vast array of product recommendations and insightful tips, designed to inspire and inform users.

This strategic focus on visual content and rich, informative text not only facilitates an immersive user experience, but also serves to catalyze shopping decisions. By providing users with a wealth of accessible information, Lemon8 fuels consumer interest and encourages product exploration and eventual purchase.

What Is Lemon8’s Potential?

At a time when Instagram is losing influence, Lemon8’s arrival should be well-timed. However, the rise of Lemon8 might stir similar apprehensions among lawmakers and regulators as those associated with TikTok, which is under scrutiny with the U.S. government for its data-collecting habits. 3

Officials in Washington have previously flagged TikTok as a potential national security threat, raising concerns that sensitive user data, such as location information, could potentially be accessed by Beijing. As Lemon8 gains traction, it is likely to face similar scrutiny and potential regulatory challenges.

If Lemon8 can maneuver those suspicions, it has a bright future in the social media landscape. After all, it’s a fun fusion of Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok that feels eerily similar to all three! Plus, its focus on retail and shopping should turn the heads of every company CEO in the country.

Be Among the First to Join!

It has yet to be determined whether Lemon8 can become one of the premiere apps on the planet. Even so, its diversity in content and aesthetically-pleasing vibe are standout features that should help this new platform take off.

If you’re looking to post photos or videos in a burgeoning new space, you may be surprised by Lemon8’s features. You may even wind up being a pioneer in this digital space if the engaging app becomes a worldwide hit!

Ryan Pratt