Is The iPhone X Really Worth The Hype?

For over 10 years, the Apple iPhone has been the market leader in the smartphone industry. Since the release of the very first iPhone, fans around the world have fought to get their hands on the latest model and the newest technology. And the iPhone isn’t slowing down. 2017 saw the release of an iPhone unlike any other: the iPhone X.

No exception to Apple’s legacy of producing sleek, beautiful smartphones that feature stunning new technological advancements, the iPhone X rocked the world when it was announced. A truly revolutionary device, the iPhone X comes packed with capabilities that have never been available until now. Faster, more efficient, and unlike any previous models, the iPhone X has everyone excited.

But is the iPhone X worth the hype? Is it worth its $999 price tag? Is it even all that innovative?

An Imperfect Design

The iPhone X is an entirely new version of the iPhone: sleeker, stylish, and more modern. Gone are the home button, the metal body, the fingerprint sensor. So what are iPhone fans left with? Unlike older models, the iPhone X isn’t an upgrade. It’s a complete redesign and, as The Verge remarks, a complete reimagining.

Additionally, the iPhone X isn’t a smart choice for anyone who’s prone to dropping their phone. Covered in fragile glass on both sides, the newest addition to the Apple smartphone family is already earning the title of “most breakable smartphone” ever created. Easy to damage and nearly impossible to keep in one, unshattered piece, the iPhone X could see its innovation destroyed by its imperfect design.

Can the iPhone X make up for its easy-to-crack nature? Is it worth spending so much money on? That depends on its other changes, updates, and features.

The iPhone’s Greatest Update: Face ID

The fingerprint sensor may be gone, but the iPhone X is changing the way you unlock your phone. Face ID is Apple’s newest security innovation, allowing users to unlock their phone with their face. Face ID is designed to automatically unlock the iPhone after scanning your face.

Apple claims it’s impossible for anyone to sign into someone else’s phone using Face ID; however, difficulties are already appearing. There are dozens of reports of people who have succeeded at unlocking the iPhone with another person’s face–or worse, being locked out of their phone when it fails to recognize the user.

New Hardware, More Storage

The iPhone X is equipped with hardware technologies that perform dramatically better than its predecessors. The phone’s camera can take pictures with resolution as high as 12 megapixels, and it can detect depth to snap better selfies. The iPhone X is powered by the new A11 Bionic processor, which can compute 600 billion operations per second.

If you found yourself deleting pictures or eliminating apps after running out of storage on previous iPhone models, you won’t have the same problems with the X. Though the basic iPhone once featured 16GB, the X comes standard with 64GB. Need more room? You can buy the iPhone X with to 256GB of space. You just need to be willing to pay an extra $150.

Is the newest iPhone the right model for you? It depends. Features like Face ID pose interesting and exciting reasons to upgrade–but what makes this phone worth it’s incredibly high price tag?

Should You Buy The iPhone X?

The iPhone X brings incredible new innovation and many new advantages over its predecessors. But is it worth upgrading to a new phone that’s already being plagued by problems?

If you’re considering the iPhone X, its biggest advantages are:

  • Brand-new Face ID technology
  • A bigger screen
  • 2 extra hours of battery life
  • A faster processor
  • Waterproofing
  • Wireless charging capability

Worried about the iPhone X and it’s very new technology? These are the biggest disadvantages of this redesigned model:

  • Potential security issues, if the Face ID technology failsEasy-to-shatter glass face and back
  • No external memory capability
  • No home button
  • No headphone jack
  • Unattractive notch on the phone’s face

Sold on The iPhone X?

If you can afford the iPhone X, it’s certain to bring benefits into your life. After all, it marks a huge technological advancement and a big step forward in smartphone capability. This new device comes with a vast array of features that are only available on the iPhone X.

It truly stands up against its competition for longtime Apple fans. The iPhone X is one of the fastest, most robust, and most stylish phones available today.

Of course, the iPhone X does come with one of the most expensive prices ever announced for a cell phone. You have to weigh your pros and cons, consider the benefits and disadvantages of paying such a sizeable price, and decide whether the iPhone X is truly the right choice for you.

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