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New Home Exercise Equipment is Making Expensive Gym Memberships Obsolete

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By natadm

Is getting in shape or hitting the gym regularly one of your goals this year? You aren’t alone – getting exercise is one of the most common goals people set year after year. And one of the easiest ways to start exercising more is to sign up for a membership at your local gym. With a gym membership, you can workout anytime, any day of the week.

But gym memberships aren’t as great as they seem. In fact, paying to join a gym is often a terrible investment. The Hustle reports that nearly 61 million Americans pay for a gym membership, and the average cost of that membership totals $696 per year.¹ However, most gym members don’t work out often enough to get any value out of their memberships.

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If you went to the gym seven days a week, you’d pay just $1.90 per visit based on the average gym membership price. Yet a UC Berkeley study discovered that most people only visit the gym 50 times per year – or four times a month². That means each workout costs you $13.92.

Fortunately, new home gym equipment is making your exercise goals attainable. This new equipment, which is innovative and interactive, can lower the cost and eliminate the stress that comes with getting in shape.

The Best Gym Equipment to Buy

If you’re looking to start exercising in a more cost-effective and efficient way, you need to consider buying your own home gym equipment. You can easily get all of the equipment you need for an initial investment – and then you can workout in your own home, at any time.

And today’s gym equipment is better than ever. New options can roll many different types of exercises and workout programs into a single piece of equipment, saving you both space and money. The top gym equipment even includes features like on-demand workout classes led by fitness professionals, giving you classes you can take whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Here are two pieces of gym equipment that stand out as the best of the best.


The Mirror is a piece of fitness equipment that looks nothing like traditional exercise machines. It’s sleek, it’s slim, and it can actually blend in with your home as a piece of decor. The Mirror is a wall-mounted full-length mirror. But once you turn it on, it becomes so much more.

When turned on, the Mirror’s glass surface becomes a reflective screen. It actually broadcasts on-demand and live classes, letting you workout in front of the Mirror along with an instructor. It’s the perfect way to watch your form, get in a workout at home, and change up your routine with different types of classes.

The Mirror comes with an initial cost of $1,495³. If you’d like to take classes, you’ll need a monthly subscription, which costs $39 per month⁴.


Peloton has revolutionized home workout equipment. This innovative machine, which is a new take on a stationary bike, first launched in 2014 and changed the way people exercise at home. The Peloton took the excitement of indoor cycling and brought it right into your living space, letting owners take classes any time.

The Peloton Bike is essentially a high-end stationary bicycle. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, includes a 22-inch touchscreen tablet, and allows you to take live and on-demand cycling classes or compete with other Peloton riders. You can turn a basic cycling class into a high-intensity cardio workout, and some classes even combine strength training with cycling for more variety.

The Peloton Bike itself costs $2,245, and you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $39 if you’d like to access the on-demand or live class features⁵.

Save Time and Money With Innovative Exercise Equipment

Purchasing a piece of home exercise equipment is a big investment. Both the Mirror and the Peloton Bike come with initial prices well over $1,000. But when you bring these innovative machines into your home, you can save both money and time down the road.

When you have exercise equipment in your home, it’s much easier to fit a workout into your busy schedule. You don’t need to drive to the gym or adjust your sleep schedule – whenever you have time at home, you can get a workout in.

And though there’s an initial investment and monthly class fee, the right exercise equipment can actually wind up being cheaper. When you don’t need to drive to a local gym, you’ll save money by axing your membership, and you won’t have to pay for gas or additional expenses like classes and personal training.

When you consider the investment, home exercise equipment can be much more affordable. If you’re using the equipment more often because it’s more convenient, you’ll get more value out of it than a gym membership. And instead of paying nearly $700 every year – or as much as $60 per month like USA Today estimates – you’ll pay less to get on-demand classes right in your home⁶.

How to Find the Hottest Home Gym Equipment for Cheap

If you’re interested in getting fit at home, you need to consider the latest home gym equipment. Today’s home workout machines are more advanced, and they also offer features that make it easier than ever to fit exercise into your life.

While top options like the Mirror and the Peloton Bike can be expensive initially, there are ways you can make these machines more affordable. You can make the initial cost work for your budget if you ask retailers about monthly payment plans. Some online retailers may even allow you to pay in small increments, helping you get a top-of-the-line piece of equipment affordably.

Make sure to search online regularly for deals and offers too. Throughout the year, exercise equipment can change in price. And you may be able to find seasonal deals and discounts that make these machines fit within your budget.