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Remote Network Security Job Vacancies in Germany for Indian Jobseekers

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By Lesley Harrison

The cyber security market in Germany is expected to grow at a rate of 12.6% per year1 until 2027. Network security is an important issue, and security experts are very much in demand. Indians with relevant skills can command salaries in excess of €100,000 per year or even earn a skilled worker visa and immigrate to Germany to enjoy the amenities and quality of life the country offers.

Why Pursue a Career in Network Security?

There is a tech skills shortage in Europe, with 55% of companies2 reporting difficulty hiring skilled workers. Network security, in particular, is a field where people are very much in demand. If you’re looking to work in an area of tech where there are always new challenges and skills to learn, network security could be the field for you. What’s more, you’ll make a difference in everyone’s life by helping prevent cybercrime and protecting people’s valuable personal data.

Why Work With German Companies?

Germany is a great country for Indians to move to. It has a thriving tech and science sector, good healthcare and robust infrastructure, including good roads and public transit. It’s a good choice for families, thanks to its strong state education system. Many innovative companies are operating in or from India, meaning workers with the right skills will have the chance to work with a wide variety of companies, from FedEx to Koch Media, Airbus and even Amazon.

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Remote Network Security Jobs Opportunities in Germany

If you know your way around a terminal or have a good understanding of cloud services, you can do a lot of computer security work remotely. Many German companies are hiring remote workers, and Indian network security professionals can work for German companies without a visa, benefiting from European compensation levels for their work while also taking advantage of the comparatively low cost of living in Indian cities. The average salary for someone working in a cyber security-related job in Germany is €62,000 per year,3 with experienced workers commanding even more than that.

1. Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analysts are experienced security professionals responsible for setting and evaluating network security policies. Their role involves managing the technical side of security and ensuring a company’s network security policies are practical for users and won’t interfere with the organization’s workflow. They respond to threats, perform audits and advise on security issues. The average salary for a cyber security analyst in Germany is around €52,000 per year.4 Experienced analysts can earn as much as €73,000.

2. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber security engineers are hands-on workers who manage the day-to-day security of networks. A lot of the work that cyber security engineers do can be performed remotely, especially in terms of securing networks and web servers. Security engineers monitor networks to look out for attacks and identify and mitigate potential threats. They keep systems up-to-date with security patches and must constantly research malware and threats. The profession is open to those with limited experience, although entry-level salaries tend to be around €39,000 per year,5 while senior workers can earn up to €83,000.

3. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers work in software development and are responsible for the tools and frameworks for building and deploying applications. These engineers aren’t specifically in charge of network security. However, following best security practices is an important part of their job. DevOps engineers can expect to earn around €88,000 per year.6 Teamwork is a major part of being a DevOps engineer, but remote working opportunities are common, and these professionals have the chance to work with a variety of tools and technologies on exciting projects.

4. Technical Support Agent

Technical support agents work on the frontlines of all forms of computing issues. This includes account creation and management, password resets, configuring user devices, setting restrictions for third-party devices and combating malware. While some tech support workers are “deskside” workers who must, by definition, be on-site, many tech support jobs are remote. Experienced tech support agents can earn up to €70,000 per year.7 Entry-level positions are common and provide a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience that can transfer to other IT roles.

Essential Skills for Network Security Engineers

Network security engineers should have a good understanding of how computer systems and networks operate, including basic cryptography, cloud computing, virtualization and firewalls. Familiarity with the command line and with popular GUI tools for the operating systems used within the network in question is essential. Computer systems and networking are constantly evolving, and there are always new threats to worry about, so network security experts should be committed to staying up to date with the latest tools, technologies and vulnerabilities so they can keep their networks safe.

Useful Qualifications for Network Security Professionals

Many organizations offer network security qualifications. Some useful certifications include:

If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t able to pay for one of the major certifications, it’s worth exploring some of the free courses offered on platforms such as Coursera8 or Udemy.9 These courses can provide a broad grounding in computer science fundamentals and are also useful for learning new tools for penetration testing, deployment and security audits.

German Companies Hiring Remote Network Security Professionals

Network security professionals are very much in demand, and many companies in Germany are hiring security experts, some open to remote workers. Some companies with bases in Germany include:

The above is just a short list of the innovative major companies that have a presence in Germany. There are many other companies and organizations that may require network security experts, including the German government and health services.

How To Find a Job in Network Security

Network security is a job that requires practical skills and hands-on experience. That experience doesn’t have to be from traditional working environments, however. Prospective network security workers can gain experience by working with open source projects and networking online or at conferences. If you’re interested more in the development and automation side, sharing work on GitHub10 or GitLab11 could help you build a portfolio. Tech support jobs are a good entry-level option for people who are new to the tech world and can help prospective network security administrators learn about how the companies they’d like to work for operate.

A Chance To Start a New Life in Germany

While remote workers don’t need a visa, those who wish to work in the country will need one. Network security professionals will usually qualify for a skilled worker visa,12 giving them the right to live and work in Germany for the duration of their contract. Germany has a lot to offer immigrants, including easy travel to other parts of Europe and a high quality of life, making it an appealing destination for Indians who are hoping to travel and see the world.

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