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Save Money and Time With These 4 Dog Food Delivery Services

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By Chelsea Dolan

You can buy everything online these days, so why not your dog food? There are companies that specialize in selling high quality dog food that’s delivered straight to your door. You can sign up for a specialized meal plan that will deliver on a timely basis so you never run out. Plus, it can be cheaper to subscribe to a food plan instead of consistently buying dog food whenever you run out. Find out how much money you can save through these services with a quick online search.

Brands offer plenty of incentives for new customers that are worth checking out. Search online to find out what discounts and subscriptions are offered to dog owners.

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Here are four dog food delivery services to check out.

1. Ollie


Customize your pup’s meal plan with Ollie. This service requires owners to answer some quick questions about your dog such as the age, weight, and breed. From there, Ollie will give you a personalized plan consisting of beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb recipes.

The food is shipped to your home on a regular basis so you never have to worry about running to the store. To keep the food fresh until meal time, simply store the food packs in the freezer and thaw them in the fridge. In addition to helping customers, Ollie donates one percent of revenue to rescue organization partners such as the Sato Project.

You can get up to 60 percent off your first box simply by going to the Ollie website.¹ If for some reason your dog isn’t liking the food, Ollie will refund your first box.

2. Nom Nom


Nom Nom is a pet food business that specializes in pre-portioned meals for your dog. Some recipes for dogs include Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. A certified veterinarian works with Nom Nom to develop these recipes and ensure customers are receiving food with fresh, whole, and natural ingredients.

The company can ship you food from its facilities in California, Nashville and the San Francisco Bay Area. Customers have noticed positive changes in their pets after starting a Nom Nom meal plan such as more energy, better breath, less shedding, and increased stamina.

New customers can get 20 percent off your first order and test out the service with a two-week trial.² The company provides cost savings for less frequent deliveries as well as multi-pet discounts.

3. Pet Plate


Your pet can receive personalized and calorie-based meals with Pet Plate. Not only are these fresh meals packed with vitamins and minerals, but they’re also rich in taste. Recipes include the Tail Waggin’ Turkey, Barkin’ Beef, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, and Chompin’ Chicken.

All foods from Pet Plate are formulated by veterinarians. There are even tasty treats you can add to your dog’s meal plan. After answering some simple questions, Pet Plate will deliver healthy and fresh meals to your door on an ongoing basis.

Pet Plate has served over nine million meals to its customers. As a new customer, you can score 25 percent off your first order.³

4. A Pup Above


A Pup Above is a dog food company that sells quality bags of dog food. You can buy a three or seven pound bag with a one-time purchase, or save 10 percent with a subscription that delivers food on your desired schedule. You can easily figure out what food plan is best for your dog by using the food amount calculator on the website.

A 100 kcal meal of A Pup Above dog food contains 72 percent more protein than its competitors.⁴ Some flavors to check out include beef stew, turkey, luau, and chicken. Prices for a three pound bag start at $31.49, which includes shipping and handling.⁵

A Pup Above also donates one percent of revenues to White Buffalo Land Trust, which is an organization that commits to helping the planet.

Buying Dog Food Online is Easy and Convenient

Check dog food off your next grocery haul and buy it online instead. It can be delivered straight to your door on your desired schedule so you never run out. Signing up for a subscription could also get you a discount and potentially free shipping. Just search online to find out what deals brands are offering new customers.

Chelsea Dolan