Save Time and Money with Water Delivery Companies

Many people choose to buy water bottles at their local supermarkets because of the poor quality of the water from their taps. However, buying water bottles from the store is not as good of an idea as you might think. It is not as cost-effective as choosing a home water delivery service and you might find that different brands have different tastes.

Instead of purchasing water bottles from your store, there are several reasons why choosing a water delivery system offers greater benefits to you.

Easy to Find Discounts

Buying water through a water delivery service may help you to save money. In particular, most companies offer discounts for new customers, along with other discounts available.

A look at shows that numerous companies offer discounts of $50 to $75 off when you sign up for their water delivery services. Others offer specials such as 50 percent off as promotional offers.1

With the discounts and low prices, it is possible for you to spend less money on water delivery services than you would if you purchased bottled water at your local grocery store. The average cost of having a large bottle of water delivered to your home is just $7 to $8 per bottle.2 The bottles can come in large five-gallon jugs that fit on your water dispenser. Plus, most companies lease dispensers to you if you do not have your own.

One Less Thing to Shop For

A major benefit of choosing a water delivery service to purchase your drinking water is that you will not have to shop for water at your local grocery store.

Water delivery services allow you to avoid the time that you would spend shopping for water. They are also great choices for senior citizens and people who have disabilities because they help you to avoid having to carry heavy bottles of water. Water delivery services also help you to avoid worrying about running out of water. When you notice that your water supply is getting low, you can simply call your water delivery service to have a new supply delivered to your home.

Purchasing water through a delivery service can also be cheaper than buying bottles at your local store. Water delivery services can help you to save time and money while allowing you to avoid the heavy lifting that might otherwise be required.3

Better Tasting Water

When you choose a water delivery service, you can also enjoy water that tastes better. Some companies offer different kinds of water to meet your needs. For example, you might be able to choose between the following types of water:

In addition to enjoying many different types of water, choosing a water delivery company for your water needs allows you to benefit from the strict regulations that companies must follow for the production of clean water. Bottled water companies are regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration. The agency has established current good manufacturing processes that are specific to the manufacture of bottled water products.


Choosing a water delivery service for your home can offer you many benefits.

Water is important for your health and purchasing water from a good water delivery service can help you to ensure that your water quality is superior. Buying water from a water delivery service can also give you more convenience at a lower price point.

When you are looking for a water delivery service, it is best for you to compare several services before you choose one that fits your needs the best.