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Seniors Are Getting Heavy Cat Litter Delivered at Home – And It’s Cheaper Than Buying at the Store

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By natadm

Cats may be simple to care for, but dealing with a cat’s litter box isn’t easy. And if you’re an older adult who’s tired of carrying heavy bags of cat litter home from the store, it can be particularly challenging. At your age, carrying heavy litter could cause a dangerous fall.

Fortunately, you no longer need to trek to your local pet store to bring a bag of cat litter home. Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to get cat litter – and you can have it delivered right to your door.

Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock
There are plenty of online pet stores and retailers that can save you time, effort, and strength. Seniors can stop lugging heavy cat litter around and instead get it delivered quickly. And here’s an added bonus: getting cat litter delivered can be cheaper too.

To have affordable cat litter delivered, check out the following online pet product retailers that make it incredibly easy to care for you cat.

Chewy: For Convenient, Automatic Litter Delivery

Chewy is a newcomer in the pet industry, but it’s a company that’s already making big waves. This entirely online shop allows you to browse thousands of different products for cats – and you can also shop for your others pets here too.

If you’re looking for easier cat litter shopping, you definitely need to visit Chewy. You can choose from a wide selection of brands, including popular names like Tidy Cats, World’s Best, Arm & Hammer, and Fresh Step, pick from specific types of litter, and even opt for organic or biodegradable options.

But here’s what really makes Chewy an excellent choice for seniors: Chewy AutoShip. Sign up for Chewy AutoShip, and you can get cat litter delivered to your door automatically. Just choose your favorite litter, how often (and when) you’d like it delivered, and that’s all you need to worry about! Your litter will arrive before you run out. And new subscribers can score 30 percent off too¹.

PetSmart: For Big-Name Brands and Frequent Discounts

PetSmart is one of the biggest names in the pet industry. In fact, you may already be buying your cat’s litter at your local PetSmart store. But did you know that you can order the supplies you need online and have them delivered at any time?

PetSmart offers an always-increasing selection of cat litter and other cat products. You can choose from a big variety of litters, like clumping, odor-neutralizing, or multi-cat litter, and you can find coupons and discounts often. If you’re a PetSmart Treats member, you’ll also enjoy free shipping on any order over $49, plus special incentives when you order online².

But that isn’t all PetSmart offers. Seniors will love the convenience of having litter delivered at home – and if you’d like to set up regular deliveries so you never have to worry about running out, you can sign up for PetSmart Auto Ship. In addition to having litter conveniently delivered on a set schedule, you’ll also get a 5 percent discount on every order³.

PrettyLitter: For Healthy, Hassle-Free Litter

If you’ve never heard of PrettyLitter, you aren’t alone. This new litter brand is only available online. But it offers some of the most unique cat litter available, at a price that’s friendly for everyone’s wallet. And because there are no stores to shop at, your only option is easy, convenient delivery.

PrettyLitter is truly changing cat litter. Called the “best cat litter ever created,” PrettyLitter⁴ is designed to be hassle-free and effortless for cat owners. And that makes it perfect for seniors who don’t want to deal with heavy bags and trips to the store. A single bag is priced at $22, and you’ll receive just one bag every month⁵. If you have more cats, PrettyLitter will deliver 2 or 4 bags of litter to you monthly. Shipping is always free.

Lastly, PrettyLitter’s litter is designed to last longer than traditional litter. A single bag is meant to last a full month, and it eliminates moisture. This litter even changes color to notify you if your cat may have a health issue. If any alkalinity, acidity, or blood is present in your cat’s waste, the litter will change color so you can head to the vet.

Stop Struggling With Heavy Cat Litter and Make Shopping Easier

Seniors, you shouldn’t be lifting or carrying heavy bags of cat litter. And as much as litter is a crucial necessity for cats, you don’t have to risk your health or strength. You just need to get your litter delivered.

Having your litter delivered will save you time, money, and effort. To find a litter delivery solution at a price that works for you, just search online. You’ll be able to browse many different cat litter retailers, and you can compare brands, prices, and discounts or deals – all without leaving home.