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4 Smart Financial Moves Seniors Can Make During Retirement

Retirement is supposed to be the golden years of your life and seniors are increasingly worried whether their savings can last. If you’re looking for ways to increase your retirement funds and decrease your expenses, these are the smart financial moves you can make now. 1. Incredibly Cheap Cell Phone Plans Having a cell phone…

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Lower Your Cable Bill Today by Talking to the Right Person

Has your cable bill been steadily rising every year? You aren’t alone – cable companies across the country are luring customers into contracts with cheap introductory rates, then raising prices rapidly. Cable companies make their money by increasing your cable bill regularly, keeping you tied to their service and overcharging you. If you’re tired of…

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Here’s How People Are Saving on Cable TV Without Cutting the Cord

Most utilities and services become slightly more expensive each year, but cable costs are rising rapidly. If you’ve seen your cable bill increase recently, you may be considering cutting the cord. However, you don’t have to turn your back on cable to save money. With some research and the right strategies, you can reduce your…

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