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4 Ways People Are Making Six Figures Without a College Degree

It’s often assumed a college degree is an absolute must for anyone who wants a lucrative career. However, when it comes to earning a lot of money, a degree isn’t the only option. If you enjoy working with your hands, jobs in the skilled trades can be every bit as lucrative as white-collar jobs requiring…

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Top Driving Jobs Anyone Can Do

You’ve seen them everywhere – sharing economy jobs, the kind of jobs that offer flexible hours, fast application, and even incredible intro bonuses . Whether you’re looking for a new job or side hustle, you should consider one of these new driving jobs. All it takes to get started is a car and an app.  It’s…

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5 Companies Hiring Truck Drivers

If you’re looking for a job, you should consider becoming a truck driver. Experts at The Star estimate that the trucking industry is around 51,000 drivers short of the number it needs to meet demand. And trucking companies want to make it worth your while: they’ve increased wages 10 percent on average over the last…

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