The 15 Doctorate Degrees You Should Get Online

For someone going through a doctorate program, there are alternative ways of achieving your goals. Nowadays, the conventional classroom setting is being replaced by online graduate studies which are far more convenient and reasonable.

Distance learning as it is sometimes called possesses its own advantages. Aside from a personalized degree program, courses can be flexible enough depending on the student’s schedule and availability of the educators.

It also possesses an interpersonal breadth wherein students can come from different parts of the country or even abroad. Accessibility and schedule flexibility are the most dominant reasons for considering an online doctorate program. Here are the most sought-after online doctorate programs this year.

Business Management and Administration

Business management is one of the most in-demand doctorate programs online with a projected job growth rate of 8% the next couple of years. Courses are designed to enhance a learner’s skills for a broad spectrum of business and organization administration. Employment positions can range from administration management and management consultants for both public and private corporations.


Healthcare positions are growing each year with an employment projection of 31% in the years to come. Nurses are also in demand in a vast range of working environments including auspices, schools, hospitals, and rehab centers among others. Online Nursing programs are often consolidated with BSN and RN curricula.

Communications and Mass Media

Often called as Public Relations Executives, professionals with a Communications and Mass Media degree are experts in writing, public speaking, research, and interpersonal skills. Annual salary can reach up to $56,770 which makes it one of the most sought-after online doctorate programs.


Out of every 10,000 college graduates, about 463 choose to have a Doctorate Degree in Accounting. The demand for accounting professionals is increasing because private and government organizations need to have financial experts who can comply with the fiscal laws and government regulations.

Elementary Education

There is a steady demand for Elementary Education graduates everywhere in the world. The prospects of employment do not only circumvent our country but with the rest of the world. Elementary education graduates can work either in a public institution or in private schools.

Criminal Justice

This intriguing Doctorate Degree continues to arouse interest among college graduates. A police officer can have an annual salary of as much as $50,980 which makes it one of the most appealing professions. Criminal Justice encompasses several fields including Law Enforcement, Criminology, Forensics and many others.

Computer Science

Computer Science is a diverse and interesting field of career. It continues to grow over the years with technological advancements and upgrades. Skills involved when studying for an online doctorate program includes enhancement of critical, analytical, and logical thinking to comply with computer innovations.


For every 10,000 college students, 315 would seek a major in Marketing. The demand for marketing professionals is constantly stretching because of social media and other platforms that make it a feasible area of expertise.

General Education

An online education degree is becoming one of the most in-demand fields of expertise because of the demands for teachers. Approximately 3% of college graduates aim for a General Education program or roughly about 287 for every 10,000 college students.


There is a steady demand for cognitive health professionals. Psychology is one of the most viable degrees for someone who aims to work in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Licensing also comes as part of the steps to acquire a solid profession.


The projected growth rate for Economics graduates is 6% this year alone. The demand for professionals in this field makes it one of the most feasible fields to tackle. For every 10,000 students, roughly 2% seeks a major in Economics.

Social Sciences

The study of human behavior is one of the most exciting careers for a young professional seeking a different track. Research conducted by social science degree holders are often used as a reference material for other professions including administrators, lawmakers, and educators among others.

Political Science

One of the most challenging online courses is Political Science. Graduates engross themselves with political systems and its challenges. Expertise and prospective employment can also vary depending on the student’s interest including areas in public relations, administration, and public office among others.


There are various disciplines under the umbrella of Engineering. All of them encompass the development and designing of various structures and electronic equipment. Possible employment includes research and development, telecommunications, and manufacturing among others.

Liberal Arts

Like Engineering, Liberal Arts offer better flexibility in terms of employment possibilities. Online Doctorate Programs can touch on several disciplines including Humanities, Philosophy, Social Sciences, and English to name a few.

Featured Tip

Having a degree makes a big difference when it comes to money. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that college graduates make $1.1 million more over their careers than those without a degree.