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The 5 Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors, Ranked

4 minute read

By Heather Fishel

Absolutely everyone carries a cell phone today – even seniors. From browsing the internet on a smartphone to making calls and texts on a basic flip phone, cell phones are important each and every day. And for older adults, cell phones are particularly beneficial, as they allow you to call friends and family as well as emergency services.

But cell phones aren’t exactly cheap. Most cell phone plans cost hundreds of dollars per month, even if you’re getting perks like unlimited data or the newest smartphones. And for many seniors, that’s simply too much to pay.

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Fortunately, there are a few ways to save. One option is to find a cell phone plan that’s made for seniors or people on a budget. Increasingly more cell phone providers are offering plans just for adults age 55 and older. And the following are five of the best available.

1. Sprint Unlimited 55+

Price: $35 per month per line, plus a one-time $30 activation fee¹.

What’s Included

Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan is only available for new customers and in Sprint store locations. However, the plan packs plenty of benefits, including the following²:

Benefits for Seniors

2. GreatCall Talk and Text Rate Plan

Price: Depends on the cell phone you choose. Right now, customers can choose either the Jitterbug Smart2 for $149 or the Jitterbug Flip for $99³. The Talk and Text Rate Plans start at $14.99 per month and can increase from there, depending on the amount of texts, minutes, and data you need⁴.

What’s Included

GreatCall offers affordable, budget-friendly cell phone plans for any senior in need of flexibility. And depending on the phone you choose, you can customize your benefits with included features like⁵:

Benefits for Seniors

3. Republic Wireless Unlimited Talk and Text

Price: Unlimited Talk and Text plans start at $15 per month⁶.

What’s Included

Anyone can sign up with Republic Wireless, but seniors will love the simplicity of the available plans. The Unlimited Talk and Text Plan includes⁷:

Benefits for Seniors

4. T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55

Price: There are two price options for T-Mobile’s Magenta Unlimited 55 plans: $35 per month per line for the basic plan, or $45 per line per month for the Plus plan8.

What’s Included

Designed for adults age 55 and older, the T-Mobile Magenta plans include everything seniors could need. These plans include features like9:

Benefits for Seniors

5. Consumer Cellular Talk and Connect

Price: Consumer Cellular plans vary depending on the features you choose. Prices start at $15 per month for 250 minutes and an unlimited plan starts at $20 per month10.

What’s Included

Consumer Cellular offers budget-friendly cell phone plans that give seniors the power to choose how much talk, text, and data they’d like. Features for plans include11:

Benefits for Seniors

How to Find a Senior-Friendly Cell Phone Plan

Seniors don’t always need the newest smartphones, unlimited data, and pricey phone plans. And if you know that senior-friendly cell phone providers and plans exist, you can find one that fulfills your needs. Most importantly, senior-friendly cell phone plans give you the chance to save money on your phone bill.

By switching to a plan that’s designed for seniors, you may be able to reduce your cell phone bill. For anyone living on a fixed income, this is critical. You need to decrease your expenses, even when it comes to something as important as your cell phone.

To find an affordable cell phone plan like those mentioned here, you’ll want to search online. Today, cell phone providers advertise many of their best offers online. And there are always deals, discounts, or special offers available for new customers.

The key to finding them – and finding a cheap plan – is to search online. Then, you’ll be able to compare cell phone plans, available phones, and all of the benefits of each wireless company.


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