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The 5 Best Face Masks for Seniors’ Skin

4 minute read

By natadm

One of the most popular skincare products right now is the face mask. Previously thought to be a “once in a while” treat for your skin, face masks recently became an important step in getting glowing, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin.

And face masks can be especially beneficial for seniors’ skin. As your skin ages, it needs different nourishment – making ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and natural oils increasingly important if you’re looking to care for your skin.

If you’d like to add a face mask into your skincare routine, the following 5 are the best to consider. They’re fantastic choices for senior skin, and they pack plenty of good-for-you ingredients.

1. Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask

Price: $48¹

Use This Mask for: Brightening skin with quick, visible results.

Why It’s Great for Seniors: The Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask is specifically designed to counter the effects of aging on seniors’ skin. Its primary ingredient, vitamin C, can instantly brighten your complexion, smooth out any unevenness, and give you visible results fast.

Other ingredients, including ginseng and squalane, will also hydrate the skin to help take it from dull and dehydrated to bright and plump. In clinical trials, 97 percent of those who used this face mask saw improvement in fine lines and wrinkles² – and they had more radiant skin.

2. BareMinerals ClayMates Be Bright & Be Firm Mask Duo

Price: $35³

Use This Mask for: Refreshing dull, tired-looking skin with light exfoliation.

Why It’s Great for Seniors: The BareMinerals ClayMates Be Bright & Be Firm Mask Duo packs a powerful skincare punch in a single product. You’ll get two masks in one, letting you choose which you apply depending on what your skin needs in the moment. Both masks’ formulas are great for mature skin – they purify and offer a deeper cleanse, while also gently exfoliating and leaving your skin free of dead skin cell buildup.

The Be Bright mask will brighten and refresh the skin with ingredients that include pomegranate extract and papaya enzymes. The Be Firm mask helps plump skin with collagen boosters like kale seed and watermelon extract. With regular use, you’ll notice that your skin looks tighter, fine lines and wrinkles become less visible, and your skin overall is lifted.

3. Neutrogena Radiance Boost Brightening 100% Hydrogel Mask

Price: $3.49⁴

Use This Mask for: Brightening and moisturizing any skin type for added radiance and smoothness.

Why It’s Great for Seniors: The Neutrogena Radiance Boot Brightening 100% Hydrogel Mask is designed for anyone whose skin is in need of instant hydration. Made entirely from gel material, this single-use mask deepens your hydration. It also helps skin better absorb moisture, without clogging pores. With ingredients like vitamin B3, this mask can give your skin the glow it’s missing.

After using this mask, you’ll find your skin appears more radiant, luminous, and evenly toned. In just 15 to 30 minutes, the mask will gently moisturize your skin, brighten your overall color, and smooth out any imperfections.

4. Ebanel Hyaluronic Collagen Sheet Mask Pack

Price: $19.99⁵

Use This Mask for: Reducing the appearance of visible signs of aging, smoothing wrinkles, and brightening skin tone.

Why It’s Great for Seniors: The Ebanel Hyaluronic Collagen Sheet Mask is designed to counteract the signs of aging that appear on your skin. And it’s an excellent choice for seniors. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth out skin, and help you look more youthful and refreshed. It’s great for any skin type, including oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

With an ingredient list that includes hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptide, and stem-cell extracts, this sheet mask can combat dryness and dehydration, damage and skin aging, and even shrink pores. It’s highly absorptive, and your skin will get a high dose of hydration thanks to its moisturizing ingredients. After using, your skin will feel smoother, plumper, more toned, and firmer.

5. Burt’s Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask

Price: $2.99⁶

Use This Mask for: Deeply moisturizing dry skin and improving skin’s overall texture.

Why It’s Great for Seniors: One of the biggest aging woes seniors face is dry skin. As your skin becomes dehydrated, any signs of aging become more pronounced and prominent. However, the Burt’s Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask can offer long-lasting hydration to get your skin looking and feeling youthful.

This sheet mask can instantly moisturize skin, using plant and flower extracts to keep skin healthy. You’ll feel soft and supple rather than tight and itchy after using it. With long-lasting results, this mask can make your skin more radiant, plumper, and overall refreshed. As an added bonus, all Burt’s Bees masks are made with 99 percent natural ingredients⁷, so you can rest easy that it’s good for your skin.




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