The Best Black Friday Tire Deals

On Black Friday, you can find discounts and deals on just about anything and everything. But here’s something you might not know: tire companies and auto retailers offer huge promotions on tires during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is actually one of the best holidays to shop for new tires, as you could save hundreds of dollars on a new full set. Search online to discover what kinds of tire sales and discounts are available right now.

From deep discounts to rebates to free tire offers, you can find rare savings on tires on Black Friday. And these deals only last for a limited time – they can sell out fast too. Search online to see the latest, most up-to-date tire offers available for Black Friday.

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Here are some of the best Black Friday deals you can find on tires.

Free Tire Offers

One of the can’t miss deals you’ll want to look for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday is free tires. That’s right: some retailers actually offer free tires during these once-a-year sale events.

Free tire deals are offered by many tire companies and retailers. They’re especially popular in the form of BOGO, or Buy One Get One, offers. With these deals, you pay for two or three tires and get one or two to complete the set for free.

For example, Big Tires is already running a Black Friday free tire sale. If you buy two tires from Big Tires, you can get two more for free¹. That’s like getting half off a complete set of tires. Just make sure your favorite tire brands are included in this awesome deal.

Pep Boys is doing a similar deal. Buy three tires from Pep Boys, and you’ll get the fourth one for free². And this deal is even valid online. All you have to do is add the tires you want to your shopping cart, and you’ll get a discount equal to the price of a single tire when you buy four. Keep in mind that only select in-stock tires will qualify for this offer.

Make sure to search online for more free tire offers like these ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Rebates and Dollars-Off Deals

Black Friday is also a big day for tire discounts. Plenty of tire shops and auto retailers – and even big box retailers like Walmart – will take dollars off the cost of new tires. You may find offers for discounts on individual tires or complete sets of tires.

For example, during Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days, you can take advantage of big savings on certain tires. Walmart is knocking off $20 per tire, or $80 per set of tires, if you buy Goodyear tires³. You’ll also get $48 off lifetime balance and rotation service for a total savings of $128. You can also shop Cooper Discoverer All-Season and Winter tires at Walmart for deep discounts. These winter-ready tires are marked down with discounts of $50 to $14⁴. That could add up to hundreds of dollars off a full set of Cooper Discoverer tires.

Rebates are also very common on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can search for manufacturer rebates available on different brands of car tires, and though you’ll have to pay full price up front, you can apply for a rebate to get some of that money back. For example, America’s Tire is offering up to $125 in manufacturer rebates for Black Friday⁵. If you have a particular credit card, you may qualify for an additional discount or rebate too.

Both rebates and straight discounts are widely available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you’ll have to search in order to find the lowest prices and the best offers.

Where to Find Deals Like These on Black Friday

For Black Friday 2020, you have more time to shop for deals and discounts than ever before. Almost every retailer is offering early Black Friday discounts that start before the shopping holiday even begins on November 27. As a result, you can expect deals to roll out each week in the lead up to Black Friday itself.

This means it’s also critical that you search online for the most current offers. It’s the only way to see what’s available at different retailers. You can then compare discounts and deals to find the best price on the tires you want. Instead of waiting for deals to appear, you can actively seek them out. By searching online, you’ll also get access to deals that may not be available in your local stores.